Hey Everyone! Here are the Answer the questions winners:

1st Place: Stef 20 - You won a 1 Month Membership coupon! (Check your email soon.)
2nd Place: Sandano - You won a special downloadable picture (Check your DM in twitter soon.)
3rd Place: mikep01 - You won a special TinkaTolli Tips downloadable badge! (Post in the comments your email, please)

Congratulations everyone!
Hey tinkas! Duksters Contest has ended and the Top 5 winners are.....
1st place: Mikep01! You won a one month membership coupon!
2nd place: Stefan! You won a Hot Air Balloon snowglobe!
3rd place: Stefan! You won a Christmas Tree Snowglobe!
4th place: Mikep01! You won a WoodShell egg!
5th place: Yawn2! You won a Dot egg!

Congrats to all! Mikep01, comment here or tweet me at @DuksterDude_Win to claim your membership! I will either e-mail it to you or DM it to you on twitter, whichever you choose.

For the other winners, meet me on Tinkatolli to claim your prize(s)!

Tinker on,

PS: Comment what you think about this contest and if I get a lot of likes, I will do more contest!

Hey Everyone!

This week was full of lots of tinkas which have been searching the daily figure. But, we will have only 3 Winners. They are....

1st Winner - Lukey140701 - You won a 1 Month Membership Coupon! (Check your email)

2nd Winner - Hydrogen - You won an Egg and a Tinkinja Snowglobe. (I will email you later about how to get them)

3rd Winner - Sandano - You won a Snowglobe!

Good Job Everyone! Don't forget to check out 2morrow's last winners at the ''Answer the questions'' contest!
Hey Everyone! During this week, we have hidden 7 Figures. All of these have been hidden! Now you can Enter for a chance to win a 1 Month Membership coupon! Remember, we need more than 10 Tinkas to enter in this contest, or the prizes will NOT be awarded. Here are all the figures:

Two Pennie, Two Konrad, 1 Bunny, 1 Kevin, 1 Trader!

These figures have been hidded ONLY in 7 Guides Pages! Not in Pictures, not in Posts!

Comment the Pages you found these figures with your TinkaName, your Email until 24 December, 5:00 PM TinkaTime AT THIS POST or THIS POST: http://tinkatollitips.blogspot.com/2011/12/find-12-figures-how-to-participate.html

Hey Tinkas. The Third contest has been started! Win a TinkaTolli membership by anwsering 4 Questions. 1 Question will be posted here everyday, until Christmas Eve!
Christmas is coming to Tinkatolli

Question #1 - Which was the first MECHANICAL makeable made ever in TinkaTolli by Kids?

Question #2 - Which contest gives you the ''Woot! Staff Pick'' badge?

Question #3 - How many Staff members are there? (You don't have to name them)

Question #4 - Who won the first ''Woot Wednesday'' contest?

Comment your anwser and your Tinka Username here, at the comments, or email us at Tinkatollitips@gmail.com

Good Luck!!

Hey Tinkas!

2 New Figures have been Hidden.

The Bunny figure Hint: ''Here, you'll find Art, Craft, Makeables, What's built into TinkaTolli and the Weekly Nominations!''
Tinkinja Figure Hint: There are many of these. Exploration, Basics and Tinkafair Badges!
Tinkatolli's Superbly Seasonal Tinka Pad decoration competition
For the past week the TinkaTolli HQ has been running a competition for a Superbly Seasonal Badge – given to the most seasonal Tinka Pad decorations.
Tinkatolli was virtually flooded with holiday goodies, and MANY Tinkas took it upon themselves to deck out their Pads in full style!
These notable Tinkas received the badge:
superbly seasonal badge
veggie master
Loki Terry

If you missed out on the badge because you didn’t mail in your username – tweet us with #superseasonalbadge, and we’ll see what we can do!=)
Tinkatolli turns 1 - Happy Birthday!
Today marks the One Year Anniversary of Tinkatolli going live! What a year it has been!
The HQ squashed a gazillion bugs (specially kevin), met thousands of new Tinkas, have tweaked primmed and pruned the game, added Kid-Designed Makeables, countless items, and threw a slew of parties!
So – here’s to YOU, Tinkas- for making this an awesome world to work in, and such a pleasure to play in:)
Happy Birthday to all!
There are new Collectables: -Strawberries, Cupcakes, and if you meet a staff they will give you a Lollipop! 
During this week, every day, a Chocolate figure will be hidded on the blog's pages ONLY. Here is a little guide about how to enter this contest

1- Go to the blog everyday. We will make a post for every figure its hidden. We will also tweet on our Twitter account (www.Twitter.com/Tinkatollitips), so follow us!

2- After you find the figure, keep the link of the page you found the figure.

3- When all the figures have been hidden, email us the URL of the page, the figure you found and your Tinka username at Tinkatollitips@gmail.com.

The winner will be picked on Christmas Eve (24 December 2011). Everyone who will find all the figures will be put into a 'Randomized Name' picker.

The winners will get many in-game gifts, including 1 month membership coupons, buddy adds, snowglobes and Eggs!
Hey tinkas! Today, two new items got released! And some more membership options came.....
The Tinkonrad in a snowball snowglobe has been released! Look for it in Sundunia, Tinkertown, or Canopia.
The Christmas tree made out of popsicles is out now! Look in Tinkertown, Canopia, or Junkatolli!

Christmas is the season of giving. Why not give a membership as a nice present! If you do give one, you might want to do it before the member hunt ends! I like this update, thought I highly doubt I'll get one :P

Tinker on,
Hey tinkas! I put a poll on the right sidebar a while ago to see if you guys wanted a Christmas contest. I got mostly "Yes", but I also got quite a few "I like turtles". Now here is the info:
  • Contest is now OPEN
  • There will be four(more may come) contests.
  • If you enter one contest, you get once chance to win a prize! Two contest, two chances, ect.
  • Some contests you can enter more than once.
  • No copying!
  • The limit if you can enter more than once is 5.
The three contest are:

Make a Holly Jolly Tinka:
In this contest, you have to make a Christmas tinka! You can either use your online tinka, or make one at the Tinkamaker! You can enter up to five times.

All I want for Christmas is a Tinkapad:
In this contest you have to make your pad Christmasey! Enter both your exterior and interior to get a chance to win. You can enter once.

All you have to do is comment your tinka name! You can only enter once.

The 5 days of questions:
Every day for 5 days, I will ask a question on here. Each correct answer will give you another chance.

The 5 days of items:
Every day, for 5 days, I will hide an item on the blog. Each correct location gives you a chance to win.

 The more that enter, the more prizes there will be! Possibly even snowglobes! :O Enter now!

Good luck!
Hey everyone! We started the very first set of the Christmas Surprises. For the first one, we are launching a Chocolate Figure Blog Hunt! Everyday, starting today, everyday, for 1 week, a Staff Chocolate Figure will be hidded around the blog. There are going to be Hints in the daily post about the Figure that its hidded around the blog. The figure will be hidded ONLY in this blog's pages (guides, help page, etc.) and will be not hidded on pictures. The winners will be announced on 25th December. The details about how to submit your enteries are going to be posted this weekend. This is the picture of the first Chocolate Figure!

Good Luck!

The winners will get Fabulous prizes, including 1 Month membership Coupons!

PS. We will need to get more than 10 Tinkas to enter to this contest, or the prizes will be not awarded!

Hey tinkas! There are more updates on the island!

The new map is awesome! You can find your favorite game, workshop, or place using the map now! Great job!
Now if your a member, there will be a small badge by the Level sign.
You can now gift food! Yay! Candy Canes :D
Yesterday started the member only hunt! They gave away a Rudolph one yesterday which can be found in Junkatolli, Tinkertown, and Canopia. Todays Santa Popsicle stick can be found in Tinkertown, Sundunia, Canopia, and Junkatolli.
Today's Snowglobe is Bunny Ski snowglobe. It can be found in Stinkatolli, Tinkertown, and Sundunia.

Good luck finding everything!
Tinker on,

Tinka Time

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