Hey tinkas,

Today kevin posted on the forum about the new Leveling up system. I agree with their new Level Up system, it works a lot better than the old. Here is what he said:
We have quite a few BIG changes and updates in the works, and we thought it would be a good idea to tell you about one in particular before it happens.

Soon, we will be introducing an entirely new and much improved level up system. As you know, the current system is based on collecting 4 different badges for each level. Badges are very cool (and they are here to stay), but the current level up system has a few big problems.

The problems 
Problem 1: We have a lot of users stuck on Level 7, just like we had a lot of users stuck on Level 6. As soon as Junk Key is out, we will have a lot of users stuck on Level 8. This problem won't go away until we can hire a bunch of people to do nothing but develop quest and level badges.

Problem 2: The badge system is complicated for new users. With each new level, a user has to undertstand how to earn 4 different badges. It is clear that a lot of new users don't understand this system and stay stuck on Jr. level for a long time. This is discouraging for a new player who feels like no matter what they do, they can't level up.

Problem 3: Requiring Badges for levels forces players to do certain things at certain times. We are all for encouraging players to use their scrapbook and do stuff offline, but we know that everybody is different. One week you may think it is great fund creating stuff for your scrapbook, the next week you may want to do something else. Maybe one week somebody thinks it is fun to collect bling, but they are tired of doing it the next week. Requiring specific badges for leveling up forces players to do things they may not think is much fun at the moment.


The Solution
We have developed a new system where you level up by earning experience points. Many other games use this type of system and call it something like XP of Exp, we are going to call it TinkaPoints (the current system of TinkaPoints we have is going to be abandoned).

Each level will require a certain number of TinkaPoints. For example Level 1 will require 300 TinkaPoints. When a player earns those, they will level up, and their TinkatPoints will go back to zero. Level 2 will require 350 TinkaPoints. Each level will require more points. 

How do you get TinkaPoints

Almost everything you do in the game will give you TinkaPoints, eating, collecting bling, junk, collectables, building stuff, earning seeds, trading, moving, thinking, giving, earning badges, submitting to the TinkaFair.

Some things will only give very few points (ie. eating and collecting bling), some things will give lots of points (ie. completeing quests, doing stuff offline)

At the top of the screen you will see how many points you have, how many you need, and a progress bar that shows you how close you are to leveling up.

Players will no longer have to understand specific badges, or wait for badges to be complete. Everything they do in the game (and all of the Tinka stuff you do away from the game) will help you towards the next level.

What does this mean for your current status?

We will start the new system with 50 levels.

Based on your current status (seeds, blings, badges, items collected, scrapbook, tinkafair etc etc etc) you will be moved to a new level in the new system. Everybody will go up. BUT not everybody will go up to the same level. Some current level 7 players might go to level 15, others might go to level 20. It all depends on the sum of all of your status, not just your current level.

What about level up rewards?

We will still be giving seeds (or something similar) but we will no longer be giving specific rewards (such as new hair or a new tinka). Instead, each level unlocks new items. In the beginning, we will have to use the items we have (like makeables and unusuals) but soon we will be adding some exciting new items. More info to come.

What about the current TinkaPoints?
TinkaPoints as you know them - that is something you get primarily for doing stuff offline, and something you use to build makeables - will be gone. The TinkaPoints you have currently earned will be used as part of the calculation to figure out your new level. 

What if I think I was put on the wrong level?
There will be some players who think they should be at a higher level and some will be frustrated, especially if friends end up at a higher level. We apologize in advance for any frustration, but we hope that all of you will think that this change makes a much better game.
If you think a genuine glitch was made (as in a bug in the system that caused you to be put at a completely wrong level) then we will of course take a look at it. But keep in mind, the level you are moved to is based on all kinds of user activity, not just the obvious things you can see like blings and badges. We have been fine tuning and testing for weeks and we are confident that the system is very fair. 

When will this happen?
Hopefully very soon - if not this week, then next. We want to get this in place ASAP, because we have a lot more stuff on the way that requires the new level system.
I think that this is a great idea, and I'm very glad that Badges are staying.

What do you think of the new Level Up system? Comment and I'll put you in the next What Do You Think?

Hey there! We have picked the most active tinka. lukey140701 has won a TinkaTolli 1 Month Membership Coupon!

Please comment or DM me on twitter your email so I can send you the Coupon. Congratulations!

And for everyone who are still waiting  to win one, there's a new feature coming where you can win a membership coupon WHENEVER YOU WANT!

PS. The guide pictures are having problems right now, so we will be adding some of them this week or this weekend.
Hey tinkas,

Dirty Dozen was hiding something from us. Today, I went there and traded 12 pink pearls(I had 15), and I got the wooden egg, I was like "Oh joy, another wooden egg." I then went to my pad, looked at it in my backpack and thought it looked wierd, it put it next to the other one, and saw that the carving was DIFFERENT!
Woah! Can you believe this? What do you think about this? Could Dirty Dozen be tricking us?

Hey tinkas,

I know this is a little late, but I picked two people for another What Do You Think? This time it was about Dirty Dozen. The two tinkas were Yawn2 and Stef20!

What do you think of the Dirty Dozen?
Stef: The Dirty Dozen is a bit similar to the Sorting Station, but if I would have to choose one I would choose the Dirty Dozen because you can earn more seeds or even other stuff like eggs and marbles. Or even more seeds and if you lose some seeds it is not that bad, you just lose like 100 seeds.

Yawn: Dirty dozen is really cool!

Have you ever took the chance and won? If so, please say what you got.

Stef: I have traded five times till now, at the Dirty Dozen and four times I took a chance but only once I got an egg, the DalaEgg, and once I got a bit more seeds but the other times I lost.

Yawn: I took the chance and got 250 seeds!

Wow! Congrats guys! What do you think about their comments?
Hi tinkas!

There is a new room in Tinkatolli. You can get extra seeds for trading 12 items of each kind, or a special and rare item! (there are 8 rare items, including 2 eggs).

Kevin also wrote a post on the forum about Dirty Dozen:
As you may have seen , there is anew Shop in Junkatolli.
I thought I would explain how it works.

If you trade 12 things with the trader, he will offer seeds that are worth what the items cost PLUS twenty percent. 
For example:
12 bottle caps cost 30 seeds each.
real value = 360
trader offers 432

If you take a chance, you may get a worse deal, BUT just because the sound is the negative sound doesn't mean you lost seeds.
For example:
If you take a chance and get 360 seeds, the sound played is the negative one because you got a worse deal than the first one, but you did not actually loose seeds. The 12 bottle caps only cost you 360 seeds.

This is how it works. When you take a chance, he picks one number from this list of numbers:

He then multiples the number by the value of the 12 items.
picked .75 you get 270 seeds (that was a bad deal for you :( )
If he picks any other number than .75, it is a fair deal or a better deal, UNLESS he picks the number zero.
If he picks the number zero, he then selects your surprise from a list of 8 eight items. Some are cool items (there are two rare eggs on the list) some are really lame (a bottle cap).

So, the moral of the story is, it is always safest to take the seeds he offers, but he usually isn't as mean as you might think. Just because you hear the way!wah!waaaaaaH! sound, doesn't mean you lost :) 
Hey there Tinkas!

We are proud to announce that our blog, TinkaTolli Tips, Is now one year old! One year ago, we started with only one little guide, then we've made the blog grown up with lots of new guides, help page, and tons of exclusives and posts about what's happening.

We started with these...

and now, we got these:

Photobucket Photobucket

And to make it even better - we are updating the guides with newand better Information, easy guided pictures, and videos.

Throughout the year we helped over 10,000 Tinkas with our posts about TinkaTrader, Forum Updates, Beta Versions and much more. We are trying to make the blog even better - we will be more faster when there's somenthing new in Tinkatolli, and we will try helping al the tinkas that are searching for help. Come back next weekend, and you'll see new guides pages, and new pictures - and in 2 months we will be preparing a new professional blog design, with awesome new features.

Thanks for picking our blog for the latest news!

Because tomorrow we are celebrating our first post - through this week, the most active tinka will be awarded with an 1 Month Membership Coupon! 

Being active in blog means: Tell everyone about our blog and commenting at every new post we will be making (even commenting on this one!)

The winner will be picked on 29th January!

-Gelu, Dukster and Cheweh
NOTE: This contest will stay out until February 5th 

Hey tinkas,

Many of you have hear that this contest will start on Monday. Well I asked on twitter if I should release early, and I got all yes! So here it is!

There is 3 contests: Egg Hunt, Scrambled Eggs, and Name that Egg. And then there is a giveaway.

Every day, for 10 days, I will release a scrambled egg name. Comment to get a point and a chance to win a membership!

Every day for 10 days, I will release a egg hidden around the blog pages. Comment the egg name and what page/post it is on to win a point and a chance to win a membership!

Every day, for 10 days, I will ask a question, and if you comment the right name of the egg, you win a point and a chance to win a membership!

And then there's the giveaway! Just comment your tinkas name and say "I want to enter the giveaway!" for a chance to win some rare items! I will give no memberships for this because it is a easy one. 

With the points, everyone time you get one right, you get a point for the category you got it right in. Say I tell you "What egg did trader give?" and you answered right, you win a point for the category. The person that has the highest amount of points in each category wins a membership. If there is a tie I will pick a random one, which is also what I will do with the giveaway. Each category(including the giveaway) there will be 3 prizes. The egg categories will have eggs for second and third, and the giveaway all three will be items.

Good luck!

Hey tinkas,

It has been a while since I did one of these, so I decided to ask a random question this time. My two tinkas this time are Edgehead01 and Mikep01

Me: What do you think of all the new items in the Unusuals Outlet?

Mikep01: I think they are so amazing and awesome!

Edge: I think all of the new items are brilliant for the HQ to come up with.

Me: Would you like to see new items to come? Or do you want older items to come back?

Mikep01: I would like both, new items to keep entertaining us and old items for people who missed out on them.

Edge: Yes, I would still like new items to come to the Unusuals Outlet :]

Thanks for your opinions!
Hey tinkas,

It's Wednesday! And Wednesdays are Woot Wednesdays. Today's rare Woot Wednesday badge goes to KADO with this tinkamazing drawing!
Also, the HQ announced that instead of winning 100-150 seeds for Tinkapad of the Week and Woot Wednesday, they will win 1000 seeds! That could help you with trader, automatically gives you the Jr. Seeder, and helps with Unusuals Outlet.

You can know get 200 seeds for collecting blings in certain places!

Also, one more thing.
Kevin(one of the staff), has announced that they have added the Nifty Fifty badges. So now, if you are in the top 50, you will earn a badge, nice right? Well, recently, it has caught the staff's attention that some tinkas are using multiple accounts to get more badges. They would like it if you stopped, so then it gives more tinkas a chance to get the badges. 

Tinker on,

Tinka Time

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