Hey tinkas! I was checking around the Tinkopedia and found some cool items!
This Beta Tester badge will be available to only Open Betas(TinkaTesters get them too)
Inviter badge, invite 10 tinkas and get this!
Pocket watch, used to be Unusual(Quest item) and now is a junk. A special junk. I clicked on it and saw this...
Party pack, first weekend, and Open Beta. That means its coming with open beta! Wow!

Also, don't try to enjoy the last hours of beta, because its already over.

Tinker on!

Hey Tinkas,
I logged on Tinkatolli and saw this message:
I like it alot!
You can find it at ANY of Tinkatolli main locations. Canopia, Sundunia, Junkatolli, Tinkertown and Stinkatolli.
Here are the places where I found it:
Junkatolli - behind the fork.
Sundunia - behind the old tree.
Junkatolli - behind the rock at the bottom.
I hope you all find it!
Hey guys! I checked out the Tinkatolli twitter and found the Beta release date!
Woot just as many have predicted, two days from now, Open Beta is here! And thats not all...
Open beta also gets prizes! You can get the invite badge by inviting ten people! A free membership if you help ten invited friends get to Level two! Open beta also has their own ribbon and badge. There will also plenty of contest for you guys to sign up.
Also, instead of open beta just getting a badge and ribbon, some rare items just may foal to the island...

Also Tinktesters(Private Betas) get to invite up to twenty people!
Do you like this? I sure do!
Tinker on!
PS: Click the pics to make them bigger
While I was checking the TinkaTolli Facebok I saw a link they shared about the end of beta rewards. It was actually the latest newsletter everyone got, but with an extra picture of the TinkaTester Egg! Check it out:

Its next to the ''A'' Egg! 

What do you think about this egg? I think it looks fantastic, and this egg may be the VERY RARE collectable in TinkaTolli.
Remember, to get the Tinka-Tester Egg, you need to find all B-E-T-A eggs hidded around TinkaTolli! The places are not the same for everyone, and if you refresh the location will change. Good Luck!
Hey guys. Today kevin made a post asking you, the tinka-testers to help him and the Staff to think what do you think about the new ''invitation'' system. Here's a quote of what he said (you can awnser him HEREhttps://www.tinkatolli.me/forum/viewtopic.php?f=39&t=1441)

Hello there Tinkas,

We have a few ideas that we would like to get your feedback on. As some of you have noticed, the new sign-up form has an invite code. The reason for this has to do with how we are going to do open beta. At least in the beginning, open beta will not be completely open, it will be based on an invitation system. 

We need to work with an invitation system a bit longer because we would still like to be able to control access until we feel that some more key things are tested. However, we know that a lot of you have friends that would like to play, and we would really like to keep the waiting list as short as possible.

Here is the rough plan:

1. There will be a certain number of free spots available each day. If somebody stumbles across the site and signs-up, there is a good chance they will get a free spot and be able to play the same day. If there are no more free spots for the day, the person will be put on the waiting list, and will get an invitation soon after.

2. If a kid has an invitation from Tinkatoll HQ, or from a player on Tinkatolli, they will be able to sign up and play right away.

3. Players new to Tinkatolli will be able to invite up to 10 other kids to play.

4. Players who are beyond level 2 will be able to invite as many as they like.

What we would like your feedback on, is how much of a game we should make out of the inviting (or if we should make a game out of it at all). For example, we were thinking that we could give a badge to any player who invited a friend and helped them get to level 2. As you can probably imagine, we could have all kinds of contests around invitations and give all kids of rewards (one idea was to give a Tinka T-shirt to the player who got the most of their invitees to level 2). 

We can see how this could be a lot of fun, but we can also see how some players might not think this is fun at all.

Since you TinkaTesters always have well thought out opinions on things, we thought we would ask you what you think.
While I was searching around the new Sign Up page, I saw some ''Invite code'' section where you need to get it from a friend.
But, in the same pop-up window saying you need this code (theres one in the main sign up page too, but that may be other thing) it says ''We will be inviting to open beta soon!''
Some of you are wondering ''Doesn't open beta open for...Everyone?''. Well, open beta may be NOT open for everyone, only for those who has one or more friends playing already TinkaTolli.
The Staff may put the Invite code in the first pop-up window saying that TinkaTolli is in Closed beta, but why put it in the main Sign-Up page? I think while open beta is going on (maybe at some point the invite code will be removing, letting everyone who signs up to start playing directly without getting the Invite code from a friend, if my theory is really true.)
I think they will do this because there are few left-over things that need to be done before letting everyone to play (if they dont do this until the open beta date), like the Buddy Code, Some scrapbook features and maybe new Rooms.
What do you think about this theory?
Wow, my fellow friend, this is nice! When last night I went to sleep, I was thinking alot what is ''friend code''.. Thank you for thinking out a theory about that. -Cheweh

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