Hello tinkas!

A couple of weeks ago I was remembering my old favorite game, Webosaurs, and how it had parties almost every weekend. I thought they had the right idea. Having parties with free items makes people come which makes people stay! So I thought that I could do that too.

I have asked Gelu and Lukey if they wanted to help me in this and they said yes, so....

Every other weekend we will be doing a Weekend party. What the contest will be, no one knows. It may be a quiz, a race, or anything! The top three tinkas in the competition will win an unusual. First gets the best items, second gets second best and so on. But I want to do something else. After the party I'm going to do a draw. Everyone that is there at the party participating I will but into the draw. Whoever gets picked gets an unusual. So yes, you have a chance to win 2 unusuals then! This weekend will be the first weekend for us to do it. I will start out(since it's my idea :3).

Maybe later, when the staff are not so busy with posting updates will do some parties too, but for now, it's me and gelu!

Also: Donations would be awesome! We can't just give unusuals all the time and buy more and more. We need some unusuals for ourselves! So if you can donate it would be awesome! And every week we will keep track of who donated unsuuals and make a list on that Weekend party post.

Hope to see you there!

UPDATE by Gelu: Drawing is going to be in a xat chat room! *-* See you there!

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