Hey tinkas! I'm kinda in a rush, so I'll post this fast :P
Finally a new Quest is here! This time, once you complete it, you will get TinkerTown rock, a new badge, and possibly, a new tinka. I found my seed in Sundunia, but you can find it in Tinkertown, Junkatolli, and Stinkatolli. EDIT: The Rock! Quest will be for everyone until Christmas.

Then plant the seed in your pad like you did with the Cassi Seed. then you will get a new quest.

We will update this post when we're done growing the flower!

Many new items have been sighted around the island! Go look for them!
And Chill got the Tinkapad of the week with his Tinkamazing pad! Great job!

Hello everyone! We are almost ready with the special stuff its coming very soon, but we need one more thing from YOU. Ask TWO questions for each staff member here, in the comments, and during December the interviews will be posted on the blog with some of your questions. Good luck!

PS. I cant ask Pennie, Kenni or Konrad because they are a bit busy.

This is a sticky post. Scroll down to see the latest news!

Hello Tinkas!

As most of you know I can't access my computer right now, that's why I'm working in some of the coolest projects until now, and I need your help! Comment to this post your favorite song(s) from this year. We would like them to not be that kind of music that scares some of us :) the song must not have bad words on it. It can be in any language but it must not contain any bad words. Remember to tell us the artist who is singing it. You have time until 3 December, when the new features will be out. Let the music come!

Hey tinkas! If you go to the TT homepage there's a new one!

Woot! I like this homepage for a couple of reasons. 1. I like the background and I like those bottom pictures that help you. 2. It shows that Tinkatolli is free to play. 3. I'm on one of the help pictures! And I tweeted this pic just a few days ago...
Woot! I love this update! :P

Tinker on!
Hey tinkas! The Woot Wednesday winner has been announced!
Wow! Nice drawing of BBH! I like the Tinkatolli hammer in the middle! Great stuff! Here's what tinkaluke said:
Our weekly Woot Wednesday art contest has been won by veggie master. Yet another impression of Blueberry Hill, this one is done in the old school style of pencil on paper. Very nice!
I especially like the goofy looking flower-Tinka in the bottom left corner. Looks like he’s talking about carrots?
Well done veggie master! Check out your rewards – the Woot badge and 100 Seeds!
Hehe! A flower tinka talking about carrots, what will luke think about the next drawing?
Hey tinkas! Some wierd things have been going on.
Well, kevin(@kevinmclean) tweeted that there was a new update so everyone went looking, and he gave a hint when no one got it.
So everyone went looking and someone found it!
The top poles are a gate to another place! But kevin said.....
(Click to enlarge)
A few have gotten inside, and I've broke the code, but forget it, because I got this message.

Tinkarobert97 got in once, but didn't know there was a combination, so he didn't remember it. If I find it, I will update this post with the code. Sadly, it's not Tinkertown rock. But I thought it could've because of Supporter STONE and Tinkertown ROCK. But, oh well, hopefully TT Rock will come soon enough.
Combination: Number the four poles from bottom to top. The lowest is 1 and the top is 4. To get in(if your a member) is 3, 2, 1, 4.

Tinker on!
Hey guys! There's a few updates in today.

This morning, the Stinkarinth game back for a unknown reason. The staff got notified and  said it shouldn't be on anymore. We got a message online that the server would re-set and, take the Stinkarinth away. I managed to finish it once more before the server reset. But, kevin was nice, and left the bridge there. The Stinkarinth will be back again next Halloween.

The "Tinkaboutit" blog has now changed to the Tinkazette! I liked the Tinkaboutit, but this is a-ok!

(Click to enlarge)
Well, its Monday, and there's a new TinkaPad OTW! This week, it goes to Aiden(creator of the AidenDresser)! Congrats! Very nice pad!

How do you like these updates? Comment here was you think!

Tinker on!
Hey tinkas! When I went to Stinkatolli to do my island loop, something in Stinkatolli caught my eye.
EDIT: It's not suppose to be on, do you think it came on instead of TT Rock?
Wooot! Stinkarinth is back! But we can't walk on the bridge :S
And yes, its the same as last time!
But no, you can't get in the Jack-o-Cavern.
In other news......
Trader is off!
I'm glad that Stinkarinth is back! Aren't you?
Hey guys! Theres alot of updates, so Im gonna post them fast xD
New log-in screens. This is one of four of the new log-in screens!

The new nominations are here! Woot! Great job on making them!

There is a new bench in Tinkertown!

The one of place is here! Luke told me some things about it, and the gelooon.
Trader's in Tinkertown! He's giving the rare new smiley marble!

There's a new "Tips" on the top left side of the screen. It shows the help videos.
Phew! That's alot!
Hey tinkas! When I went around Tinkatolli, I found some more updates!
When you go to Canopia, this should show up. The bad thing about this update is that it shows up every time you go to Canopia, a little annoying.
New "billboard" in Junkatolli. This is alot better then the old one, now you can transport to wherever by clicking on it on the pole. Kevin said that every billboard will change to this.

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