Hey guys! There's a few updates in today.

This morning, the Stinkarinth game back for a unknown reason. The staff got notified and  said it shouldn't be on anymore. We got a message online that the server would re-set and, take the Stinkarinth away. I managed to finish it once more before the server reset. But, kevin was nice, and left the bridge there. The Stinkarinth will be back again next Halloween.

The "Tinkaboutit" blog has now changed to the Tinkazette! I liked the Tinkaboutit, but this is a-ok!

(Click to enlarge)
Well, its Monday, and there's a new TinkaPad OTW! This week, it goes to Aiden(creator of the AidenDresser)! Congrats! Very nice pad!

How do you like these updates? Comment here was you think!

Tinker on!


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