Hi Tinkas!

Today, 21st of December, marks 2 Years of Tinkatolli since the first day of Closed Beta. Over the past years, The Lovely Tinkatolli Staff has updated, changed and added features which makes this game unique. 

From the most minor updates (close buttons, little interface updates)....

...to the most complex ones (major room updates, system updates),

the staff wanted to make the gameplay easier than ever, for both old and new players! 

At the end of the last month, a sad announcement made by Kevin, made the old players feel like they have lost one of the most friendly staff ever - Pennie decided to leave the HQ to spend time with her baby, Sienna.

Major updates happened and are happening right now as part of the "Simplify the game", a programme which will change the whole game's system to make it simple. 

Since the very first Tinkatolli anniversary....

....lots of things have changed, but the game is still the same! Fun, Friendly and Creative, Tinkatolli has been a success over the year! This year, the game was seen into BBC Click, By Kate Russell, Boingboing, and Anorak - a cute magazine for children!

For the end of the year, the Staff is planning to release their first iOS application - The Tinkamaker. Rumours have been spreading around that the app will be available for everyone next week.

Tinkatolli has brought everyone millions of updates and new things everyday over the whole year.
Let's help Tinkatolli become more popular and let's have fun all the day long with lots of players and staff! Let's wish Tinkatolli and Tinkatolli Staff a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a warm HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We love you!

Hey Tinkas,

Tinkatolli added/changed some new features! Let's check them out!

1. New Close Button - Every old Close button got replaced with this one!

2. New bag design! - The bag got a new design. Now, the Organics/Junk/Food/Unusuals/Makeables buttons got updated with some pictures and a new format. The Raw Material got added too.

3. New Exit the Room Button  - The old Exit Button was replaced with a tiny updated one. We can say it looks now more like a ''button''!

4. New Hats! - Tinkatolli added 9 new hats for winter and Christmas!

5. New Sorting Station ! - Tinkatolli Updated the Sorting station. Now, you cannot recycle Socks and Organics.

 To recycle, just open your bag, pick the item you want to recycle and then drag it to the Mechanic  guy! You can now choose how many pieces of junk you want to recycle, and the progress made in the Sorting Station is stored!

When you will recycle 20 pieces of junk, you will get 1 Raw Material, which will be shown in your bag!

6. Log Out button moved - The Log Out button moved. Now, you can log off securely by clicking the Options button, then the Log Off button.

7. New Collectables Update - When all the junk is collected in the room, you will get this message, saying more collectables are coming in a few minutes. Now, you will also get new junk every 5 minutes without having to refresh the room/page/game! 

These updates are amazing, and I cannot wait to see how many things are coming in the upcoming weeks!
What do you think about these updates?