Hey tinkas,

I know it has been a long time since there has been an update, but Tinkatolli has now added Halloween items!

At Blueberry Hill, they have added the same decorations as last year!

At Canopia, there are many Halloweenish items to collect!

As you can see from my tinka, there are also new Halloween hats! :D
There are six new outfits!

The stinkarinth is also back in Stinkatolli! At the end, you will find the jack-o-cavern!

You will also earn the Jack-O-Cavern 2012 badge !

Hey Tinkas,

I know you will all be sad to hear it but.. Pennie is leaving Tinkatolli. Here is Kevin's post on the Tinkazette.

Goodbye Pennie
Posted by kevin

As many of you know Pennie had a baby girl last November and has been on maternity leave for most of this year. She is doing well and has really been enjoying the time with her family.
Pennie has decided that she would like to be able to keep spending time with her family. She has let us know that she will not be returning to Tinkatolli.
We know many of you will miss her, and we will miss her too, but we understand her decision.
Stay safe Pennie from all the tinkas of Tinkatolli.