Hey tinkas,

Since nobody really worried about Fun Friday, I'm just going to do Fun Facts! Each week when I have time, I will post a fun fact. But I don't have a catchy name! Please comment your ideas! If I like one, I will give the person a prize!

Anyways, here's today's fun fact!

Funny or Fail?

Well, on the world of Tinkatolli, many things we laugh at, some things we call fails. I got a few pictures of Funny or fails things. But what are they? You decide! Comment if they are funny or fails!

Pic #1:
This is a picture that my good friend Edgehead tweeted. It shows he has 2000 trinkets, but can't buy the second pod which is 500 trinkets! What is it, funny or fail?

Pic #2:
Back when DD had the Chunky bunnies at his shop, I won an item, but this popped up. I went off to tweet it, but before I did, I looked back and it showed I won a bunny. So what is it, funny or fail?

Pic #3:

During the 2012 egg hunt, kevin came on a few times. One time I checked his status and saw this on his most recent activity log! I thought it was pretty good, so I took a pic! But what is it? Funny or fail!

Pic #4:
This is probably the weirdest glitch I have encountered. I clicked on a random tinkas status and I saw this, so I took a pic! Pretty lucky to get him! What is it: Funny or fail?

Please comment what you think of these pictures, if they are funny or if they are fails!

Hey tinkas,

Today when I checked out the homescreen, it said on a red bar "Get 2 weeks FREE membership by ReTweeting!" The Find out more button didn't work so I went to Tinkatolli's twitter and clicked the link they had on there. I was taken to a post from kevin and saw it! When you tweet you get the membership!
Get a free 2 week membership at #CreativeTinkatolli Just RT & follow @Tinkatolli an amazing new virtual world for kids! http://bit.ly/IXBHt9
Now if you are already a member, you get 400 trinkets! The code will be Messaged to you, and they send the codes out every hour, so keep watching!

Click here to see the full post by kevin.
Hey Tinkas,
there is a new batch of unusuals in the Unusuals Outlet:

Bambooshka Big Sister- 5000 
The Green Fuzz- 5000
Doodlegg- 20000
Letternumber Q10- 2500

Total: 32,500

White Rook- 100
Teddy Ross- 300
Monstro Mouth- 50
Blue Foozman- 50
Rocketeer- 200

Total: 700

These unsuals are avaliable until May 10th

What do you tinkas think of these unusuals?

Hey tinkas,

Today I cam home from school to find a bunch of updates!
Here are some of the many updates from today!

Benches in Upper Canopia:
Tables and chairs in CafeKitch
New Dirty Dozen items:
Some things added in Canopia:
Unusual Clearing badge:
And the release of the Quest Emporium! :D

Man this is a big list of updates! And I'm running out of Trinkets and seeds with these new unusuals D:

Hey tinkas,

Today, while I was collecting blings at Blueberry Hill, rambo came on. And then ploop! He sat down! Then more tinkas came on and they sat down! So I tried pressing the down arrow and I sat down!

Amy invited us to her pad, and kevin told us the chairs will be fixed so we can sit in them.

Them amy suggested we can sit at different angles, and kevin said they are working on that!
And here some things you guys need to try:

Sliding- When you move somwhere, hit the down arrow ASAP and you will slide!

Jump-sit- When you jump, hit the down arrow and you sit on the ground. That's epic!

Hey tinkas,

Today, the staff announced the winner of Woot Wednesday. This week the winner is..... icy001!

Tinkatolli's Woot Wednesday goes to icy001
Wow! Really nice drawing of you in your pad! I can see some eggs that I recognize! Great job and well earned! 

Here is what icy said about her drawing:
This is my Tinka Pad that I drew yesterday. I drew my Tinka seperately, cut it out and stuck it onto the Tinka Pad to make it look 3D.
Congrats, you've won 1000 seeds and the Woot Wednesday badge!

Hey tinkas,

Ever hate it when tinkas always Private Chat you when your on BRB? It gets a bit annoying doesn't it? Well, today when I was trading at Dirty Dozen(and won a pin on my first trade there) I told yawn about it. I looked at where he's at and it said BRB! Take a look:

Then I pressed the BRB button on my bar so it said I was on BRB, and I told yawn to look. And it said BRB. This makes it much easier for those who want to be left alone when they are BRB.

Hey tinkas,

Today, April 22nd, is what we call Earth day. We celebrate it every year on this day. But does it have to be today? No. Earth day should be every day. What is Earth day?

Well, Earth day is where you go out and collect junk off the ground(sounds like TT!) and recycle it! The three main things for Earth Day is Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

Reduce: Reduce waste by recycling items instead of throwing it in the trash!

Reuse: Reuse any old water bottles, it saves you money and keeps them out of filling up landfills!

Recycle: Recycle is very important. It reduces waste and gives us more of that item instead of wasting it by putting it in a landfill wand waiting for it to decompose.

(Pic made by Coconut)
How can you help? 

You can help by not going on your computer all day and wasting energy. Ride your bike instead of using a car! Turn off electronics when you don't use them. Turn off water faucets if you see a drip. Pick up any trash you see on the ground!

On Tinkatolli you should try to pick up as much junk as you can! Recycle the items by giving it to Dirty Dozen or Sorting it at the Sorting Station! You may even get a a badge by recycling 10 items! 

Remember, any time, any day you should reduce, reuse, recycle!

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