Hey tinkas,

I have to say, this party was so much fun! We started off at Canopia by the waterfall.
Since next week is Earth Day, my first contest was for everyone to make an Earth.
Then tinkas were getting lag from going behind the waterfall, so we moved to a place less laggy, the bridge! And there I had another contest. I told everyone to make the cutest pink they could for a Pinkituscadero egg! I was going to give three, but one was a non member, she I gave her a Yellow bunny from Dirty Dozen.
Then I let my co-host, Veggie master, have a go at a contest. And he had a contest of making a orange tinka, and the winner gets an Orange julius!
Then we moved to Stinkatolli where I gave gourds to everyone who make their tinka scary.
Then, our tinkas were getting a bit hungry, so we took a stop at Blueberry Hill where Veggie held a trivia! 

Then we all had to refresh since we were getting lag, and when they got back it was time for me to giveaway the Red splotch egg! So iDylan wanted to go to Canopia Cavern, and I decided we should go there, and off we went!
There we had the contest "guess that unusual" where I think of an unusual and whoever guesses the item first wins. But first, veggie was leaving, so we all group hugged him.
Then I had my contest, and the winner of the red splotch egg was....... iDylan! Then since we were running low on contestants, we went to Blueberry Hill and I had a bunny contest with the prizes of the bunnies at Dirty Dozen or if your a member, the Gold Ticker!
I ended up not giving the Gold Ticker, which means I will next time! Anyways, I had two more contest which I held at Junkatolli! The first was a GrouchoLookalike for the Groucho egg, or the Bolt egg which is at Dirty Dozen.
Then we had one more contest, which was a Guess that Unusual, and then I ended the party.
If you see Luke, lukey, or Veggie master online, tell them Thanks for donating and helping in my party!

Now my question for you guys is: Should I have another party sometime? Comment Yes or No!


  1. Am I known as Luke because I donated something but I donated a Pinkituscadero but I wasn'y mentioned :(


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