Hey tinkas,

Since nobody really worried about Fun Friday, I'm just going to do Fun Facts! Each week when I have time, I will post a fun fact. But I don't have a catchy name! Please comment your ideas! If I like one, I will give the person a prize!

Anyways, here's today's fun fact!

Funny or Fail?

Well, on the world of Tinkatolli, many things we laugh at, some things we call fails. I got a few pictures of Funny or fails things. But what are they? You decide! Comment if they are funny or fails!

Pic #1:
This is a picture that my good friend Edgehead tweeted. It shows he has 2000 trinkets, but can't buy the second pod which is 500 trinkets! What is it, funny or fail?

Pic #2:
Back when DD had the Chunky bunnies at his shop, I won an item, but this popped up. I went off to tweet it, but before I did, I looked back and it showed I won a bunny. So what is it, funny or fail?

Pic #3:

During the 2012 egg hunt, kevin came on a few times. One time I checked his status and saw this on his most recent activity log! I thought it was pretty good, so I took a pic! But what is it? Funny or fail!

Pic #4:
This is probably the weirdest glitch I have encountered. I clicked on a random tinkas status and I saw this, so I took a pic! Pretty lucky to get him! What is it: Funny or fail?

Please comment what you think of these pictures, if they are funny or if they are fails!


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