Hey Tinkas!

Tinkatolli has released new Unusuals at the Unusuals Outlet at Tinkertown. All these are eggs, special for easter!

Here is a list of every unusual and it's amount of seeds/trinkets.

Daisy Duke Skyline - 50 Trinkets
Blushing Daisies -50 Trinkets
Daisy Verdant - 50 Trinkets
Confeggtion della Antica - 50 Trinkets
Confeggtion della Rosso -  50 Trinkets
Cirque De Rouge - 2500 Seeds
Cirque De Citrus - 2500 Seeds
Gippy Eggster - 2500 Seeds
Gronblom Yellowegg - 2500 Seeds
To buy all these unusuals, you will need 10,000 Seeds and 250 Trinkets! Just a little. Go get 'em all!

1 comment:

  1. I love the new Unusuals, Luke has done a very good job.


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