Hey tinkas,

At first I was going to do an Easter contest, but what fun is that? After going to Penguitts parties, I decided to change it to a party instead! I have a bunch of prizes that I would just LOVE to giveaway, so I hope you can come! The prizes include:

- 18 Snowglobes
- 8 gourds
- Up to 20+ eggs(Including rare Red Splotch egg donated by Luke)
- Many more unusuals!

Since members get more benefits, they will get more choices in this party, including a Gold Ticker!

Here is the info for the party:

Day: April 15th (Sunday)
Time: 7:00 PM Tinkatolli Time
Starting location: Canopia, by the waterall

Now I may not come due that I may have to go for family or something, so I am having a co-host! He may not make it either, so if both of us can't come, we can reschedule.

If you can make it, please do. And if you donate an item before the party, I will give you a shoutout during the party.

NOTE: If less than 7 people come, then the party will be cancelled and the prizes will stay with me and my co-host.

Another note: If you have any pictures or comments about the party. Tweet/comment them here and I will put them in my review post!


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