Hey Tinkas,

Tinkatolli has updated the Dirty Dozen Trader. Now, the prizes will be different everytime you go in! Also, you can get ALL the unusuals from Tinkatolli by trading (including never-seen-before unusuals and a VERY RARE Sliver Beta Egg, Ladybug, and many many others.)

Awesome! I'm looking forward to win all the unusuals! What do you think?

Hey Tinkas,

A new Room has been released! You can go there by building a Tinkanoe in the Mechanicals Workshop.

Once you've built it, go back to Stinkatolli at the top left corner and click the boat sign.

You will be taken to a brand new room with some cool snake skins that are going to be used for something cool, says @Tinkatolli in one of their tweets.

 Here's a full picture of the room (credit to Tinkatolli Dunes)

That's awesome! I can't wait to see what are the snake skins for!
Hey Tinkas,

Some of you remember the Asimov, the room full of blings! Now, it's back, but everytime you want to go in, it will cost you a Cassi Flower, found at the Unusuals Outlet.

Once used, you have to buy another if you want to go there again. When you have your flower, just put it in the rock and click ''Use Flower''

You will be taken to a brand new Asimov with tons of junk! Totally worth for 50 Trinkets!

Awesome! So many rare junk there.
Hey Tinkas,

Tinkatolli has released a new room - Sunspot! It is available to Members through Windy Ways (aka using the boat in Canopia).

Here, you can collect brand new cute shells!

Another update is at Kelp Key and Bluff's Base. Now, you can navigate through these two locations by clicking the boat sign!

To avoid mistakes with Canopia Cavern, you can't use Jump Skill anymore, instead you can use a ladder. There's also a ''Down'' sign now.

Also, Sundunia and Stinkatolli are again free-for-all locations.

And finally, you can give unusuals you bought with coins now. (Credit to Robert)

I love these updates! I like how you can collect shells everytime you go to a room and come back!

Hey Tinkas!

Tinkatolli recently updated the locations, adding Sundunia, Stinkatolli, Mudpatch and it's games (Mandala Maker, ShellDiggr) for members only.

When you try going to one of these locations, you will get this message:

In addition to this update, they have added a new Member Badge to the Members' playercards and added a little shortcut to the Membership page at the top of the navigation bar.

This update was added to give members more possibilities! I like this update, but I think now the Staff should make more rooms! What do you think?

Hey Tinkas,

If you remember, last month I posted some of our plans for this summer. The biggest contest ever made in Tinkatolli, The Amazing Month, in partnership with all the most important bloggers, has opened their doors to everyone! Would you like to have fun and win some fabulous prizes? The Staff is waiting for you to Sign Up.

Go to http://www.theamazingmonth.com and sign up now! Before you do it, you might want to read the rules and some information about this contest.

We can't wait for you to join the adventure! You can help us spread the word by tweeting this, adding our banner to your site (you can take it from the left sidebar), or just by telling your friend about it!