Hey Tinkas,

During this week we will be upgrading the blog with some new/changed features which will allow us to post every update even during the school time. For 1 week, this post will be stickied so you can all see what we have prepared for you!

First off, we will release tomorrow, 1st of September, a new Trader Tinka post method. Instead of posting EVERY trader arrival, we will have a special tracker that will allow us to update it with the Trader Items Locations, so it's easier for us to update (and I think it's easier for you all too if you know the items!) Here's how it will look:

Special thanks to Cheweh for this awesome tracker design!

This tracker will be updated ONLY by this blog's authors and me. No one will be able to update it! Also, be sure to follow our Twitter Accounts because we're working to get automatically tweets everytime the tracker is updated, so you can be notified faster! (Right now it works only on @Gelu_cool , but @TinkatolliTips , @LukeyGFX, @Cheweh and @DuksterDude are coming soon.)

Even if I think we all know the items locations, we will make sure we have a page with all the junk, so if you see a junk name you don't seem to know, you can search it there. We will also make a link with all the Trader Items locations!

If you wish to suggest somenthing for this update, please leave a comment below!



  • The site's host is down for some reason, and everything that was hosted there has been removed from the database for 6 hours. We are still trying to fix it faster! Everything's back to normal! :)
  • Remember 7 Days O' Fun? They're coming back this Xmas, now with MORE prizes to be won and something...special!
  • More updates are coming!

Hey Tinkas,

You can find new unusuals at the Unusuals Outlet in Tinkertown. These unusuals will last until 27th September

Here are the Unusuals that can be bought with SEEDS:

  • Monstro Eyes - 10,000 Seeds
  • Tinkahead Pin - 2,500 Seeds
  • LetterNumber R1 - 2,500 Seeds
  • *Squezzy Squauker - 20,000 Seeds

Here are the Unusuals that can be bought with TRINKETS:

  • *Munki Pin - 25 Trinkets
  • *Little Bow Pinky - 25 Trinkets
  • *Shaft of Glowing Goo - 200 Trinkets
  • *Sparkling Chandlear - 25 Trinkets
  • Monstro Inferno - 100 Trinkets
* - Items for members only

In order to get all the Unusuals, you will need 35,000 Seeds and 525 Trinkets
Hey Tinkas!

At the begin of the year, Kevin, one of Tinkatolli's founders had an amazing birthday. Now, another co-founder and AMAZING doodler and a true artist celebrates his birthday TODAY! As you guessed, it's tinkaluke's (luke's) Birthday! Happy Birthday, Luke!

(Special picture by Penguitt, Tinkatolli Shack)

Thanks for making lots of cool designs for Tinkatolli! We, Tinka Bloggers and all the Tinkas, we wish you a very huge Happy Birthday!

-TinkaTolli Tips Team

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