Hey Tinkas,

If your running low on Unusuals or Tips Points, this contest will be perfect for you!

What kind of contest?
This contest will be a Trivia kind of contest.

How do you win this contest?
Just go on Tinkatolli Tips everyday starting March.31. One question will be posted on this blog. Comment your guess and if you get it right, you will get 1 point.  The contest will end on April 6th and whoever has the most points will win an Unusuals and some Tips Points.  The Second and Third Runner-ups will receive an Unusual and a little less Tips points.

What are the prizes?
The First place Prize is 100 Tips Points and A Gold Ticker!
Second and Third Place Prize is 50 Tips Points and A Feather Leather egg!

How long will this contest last?
The contest will last from March 31st to April 6th
A question will be released each day.
The winners will be announced on April 7th

What if there is a tie?
Don't worry, There will be a super hard question and whoever answers it first wins.  There will be an assigned time on a certain day that the Tinkas can participate.
The Tinka will comment with there name.  The tinka who answer is the closest will win. If there is a tie, Whoever answered first will the right answer wins.

Q1.  Name three Unusuals that the Unusuals Outlet had when it first opened in January.

Q2. Name Three Unusuals that the Unusuals Outlet had in it's second batch

Q3. Name Three Unusuals from the Third batch of Unusuals.





Comment your guesses below! Remember to state your name when you comment your guess!

Older Folder

This is the newest section to Fun Friday where I post an old picture from the past. This weeks picture is from Tinkatesting, check it out!

Wow, take a look at that BRB sign at the bottom. That's old isn't it? Anyways, here's the story for this picture....

One day, we were messing around, having fun at Blueberry Hill, and then Pennie came on! Then we tweeted that a staff was on, which got more tinkas on. She said that she wanted a pic of us spread out, so we did that and got a pic, take a look at it
Then I had this amazing idea that we should all cram onto the Tinkatolli T! So everyone got on, and ta-da! I took a quick pic of it!

Fun Fact- Before Blueberry Hill
I'm pretty sure everyone heard that Blueberry Hill wasn't always around. Well, it's true. The first starting point when you log in was in Canopia! But there was something else very interesting before Blueberry Hill. The map. Yes, the map. You may think that a map without a location isn't very interesting, but it's what was there before BBH that's interesting. Take a look at the old map!
(Click to enlarge)
See that? There's a volcano! Then look at the map when there is a Blueberry Hill
As you can see, the Volcano just disappeared! That arises the question: Will there be a Volcano location?
Update: I think I may have found our volcano, and how to get there.....

Also, the Fun Friday contest isn't over! Please comment your ideas on what I should do for another section for Fun Friday.

Also, if you could, please comment any old picture that you have! I will put them on here!
Hey Tinkas!

As you may know, a few days ago we released one of the big update we are waited the most! Now, you can earn them by doing some activities such as Following us on twitter and more! Right now, we don't have all the rewards done, and some features are coming soon, but you can earn from now on Tips Points and save them until the rewards are here!

Here's The Link for Tips Points page (it will be out once the logo is done): http://tinkatollitips.blogspot.com/p/tips-points.html

Have fun!

PS. Remember THIS POST? That is for Tips Points! It's coming soon.
Hey Tinkas!

The Staff updated the Tinkertown with a brand new awesome look! Check it out:

Wow! This looks awesome! I love the new design and the new Rooms placement!

Also, there's a new room - Tinkertown Heights! There, you can play Memory Game and build makeables in the Furniture Shop. Check it out:

What do you think about these new Rooms and updates?
Hey Tinkas!

New unusuals Arrived to Unusuals Outlet at Tinkertown! Check them out:

The unusuals you can buy with Trinkets are:

Bambooshka Middle Sister – 50 Trinkets

The Black Pawn – 25 Trinkets

Iron Lung – 150 Trinkets

Monstro Eyes – 100 Trinkets

Finiflex – 150 Trinkets

And with seeds are:

Gold Ticker – 20000 Seeds

Feather Leather – 10000 Seeds

Eggquator – 10000 Seeds

Fab Fleur – 2500 Seeds

In order to buy all the Items, you would need 475 Trinkets and 42,500 Seeds.

I LOVE these unusuals because some of them came back when I couldn't buy them. What do you think about these new unusuals?
Hey Tinkas!

The staff added a new feature. Now, when you collect somenthing, next to your tinka it will show a pop-up window showing what you have collected (including when you get a badge!)

They have also updated the map. Now, it shows how many people are playing a game or in one of the workshops.

Awesome! What do you think about this update?

Hey tinkas,

Today I was checking my twitter timeline, and saw something new that Penguitt tweeted. I clicked the link, and saw he made a new find! Here's what he said on his blog, Tinkatollishack.com
Recently, I was doing the quest for the cavern crystal and I completed it! At the end, the scroll came up and said that I completed it, but then I noticed something at the bottom.....
Here is what he saw:

At the very bottom is says:
Get the your next quest at The Quest Emporium (coming soon)
Sweet! Soon there might be more quest! Penguitt said on his blog that we might be able to buy the quest with Trinkets! And did you notice that the typoed it by saying: Get the your next quest, instead of get your next quest?

Hey tinkas,

Laster Fun friday, I said that I am re-doing it. And YOU get to decide one of the segments!

How to enter-
- Think of something that I can do every week and people will like
- Comment it on the blog(Any post!)
- See if you get into the poll next week


Winners will receive...
90 Tips points! Don't know what Tips points are? Click here!
A Bazooka Joe, or a starry egg! Winners choice! Note: I will be saving the red splotch egg for Easter!

Comment your ideas NOW! You can enter as many times as you want.
Hey tinkas,

Here are the Top 10 Traders of March 24th!
Trader Bumbleunder's Top Ten Trader Ribbon winners
Here are the latest Top 10 winners of the Trader Ribbon!
Congrats to the quickest trading Tinkas!
1. Edgehead01
2. Viper
3. Fentonh
4. Joelle
5. Dukster
6. TonyTheFieryKid
7. tipski
8. penguitt
9. Loki Terry
10. pixieone09
Well done, as well, to the “Nifty Fifty” – the first 50 Tinkas to make the trade and receive a fancy ribbon!
Keep an eye on the Tinkazette for a heads-up on the Trader’s next appearance!
Nice! Congrats everybody! This is my 5th 5th place. I need to get something else for once!
Hey tinkas,

Today luke posted the Sweet Sixteen winners! Here is what he said:

Well done to our latest Sweet 16 badge winners! These are awarded to the Tinkas, created in the Tinka Maker during the week of March 23rd, that received the most votes during that week.
tinkatolli's tinka of the week sweet sixteen winners
sweet 16 winners
Here are the winners, in alphabetical order:
Loki Terry
Stef 20
The rewards: Sweet 16 Badge + 300 Seeds!
Great stuff!
Make your very own Tinka in the Tinka Maker for your chance to win! The contest runs every week.
Woot Congrats everyone!
Hey tinkas,

Today is Friday, and I'm changing Fun Friday up a little!

NEW- Older Folder

The Older Folder will now replace the Interview for the first thing in my Fun Friday. The Older Folder will show pictures from Private Beta, Open Beta, or older than that! This weeks picture is when Open Beta began and all Private Beta users, or TinkaTesters, got a badge for helping.

Fun Fact- Things about Trader

This week for the Fun Fact, I wanted to know a little more about TinkaTrader. Like me, many people wonder one thing about trader, who made him up? Well I asked our favorite(eh....) staff, kevin about it, and he gave us an answer! Here's what he said:
The idea came from Johannes. The mysterious staff member who looks like a tree. He first interned with Luke and I at UOVO when he was 15.  5 years later we hired him at Tinkatolli to help fine tune the mini-games and give us feedback on the overall game. He studies physics at the university now. Is VERY smart and knows a lot about computer games.
Right now, Johannes, or Jlitcht online, doesn't come on from day to day. But we are all very glad that he made him up!

Also, way back in TinkaTesting, when nobody knew when trader came, or where he was at, something strange happened. I refreshed one day to find a weird message, take a look at what I mean.
 First, I thought we were having a new hunt, since this was the same pop-up that came up for the eggs in the egg hunt. But then I made my way around the island and found Trader at canopia!
When I asked him about the new unusual, he said "O, yea, dat is fo you to find for meh." So I clicked him and saw he DID need it.
That trade did NOT look very fair did it? 20 seeds? Are you kidding me? Trader was very greedy then.....

Coming soon- ?????
Soon, I will have a contest asking you guys to make an idea what I should use for this section of Fun Friday. You can enter as many times as you want, which makes it easier for you to win! Prizes will be one unusual and maybe even a membership? ;)

PLEASE comment or tweet (@DuksterDude_Win) if you have a picture that I can use for the Older Folder, and/or a question for next weeks Fun Fact!

Click here to look at the other Fun Fridays!

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