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This is the newest section to Fun Friday where I post an old picture from the past. This weeks picture is from Tinkatesting, check it out!

Wow, take a look at that BRB sign at the bottom. That's old isn't it? Anyways, here's the story for this picture....

One day, we were messing around, having fun at Blueberry Hill, and then Pennie came on! Then we tweeted that a staff was on, which got more tinkas on. She said that she wanted a pic of us spread out, so we did that and got a pic, take a look at it
Then I had this amazing idea that we should all cram onto the Tinkatolli T! So everyone got on, and ta-da! I took a quick pic of it!

Fun Fact- Before Blueberry Hill
I'm pretty sure everyone heard that Blueberry Hill wasn't always around. Well, it's true. The first starting point when you log in was in Canopia! But there was something else very interesting before Blueberry Hill. The map. Yes, the map. You may think that a map without a location isn't very interesting, but it's what was there before BBH that's interesting. Take a look at the old map!
(Click to enlarge)
See that? There's a volcano! Then look at the map when there is a Blueberry Hill
As you can see, the Volcano just disappeared! That arises the question: Will there be a Volcano location?
Update: I think I may have found our volcano, and how to get there.....

Also, the Fun Friday contest isn't over! Please comment your ideas on what I should do for another section for Fun Friday.

Also, if you could, please comment any old picture that you have! I will put them on here!


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