Recently in the "Tips and Tricks" section of the forum, iDylan posted something.
Hey guys, I thought I might share a tip with you guys that I recently discovered and is very helpful to me and I hope it is to you aswell. If you have a fair amount of seeds like 2000 or more you can pick up every piece of junk in Junkatolli and Mudpatch and once you leave the room and come back there will be a whole load of new stuff but remember you have to pick up everything or it will not work! From doing this I have found green pins and tights and other cool stuff :D
Note: This also works in Kelp Key Anywho, pennie replied that its a bug and they will fix it soon, so you should use it while you can. Then later on, Pennie said that her and Kenni thought about it, and they decided to make it a feature! :D So now, if you don't want to wait a day for new junk, get everything in Junkatolli, Kelp Key, or Mudpatch. Leave, come back and there should be more! Tinker on! -Duk
Hey Tinkas!
There's a new Tinkazette edition out! It's Woot! Wednesday on Tinkatolli, and this Wednesday's badge winner is
iDylan with his awesome drawing!
This week we send a massive Woot! to iDylan for his exceptional staff drawing. Great stuff iDylan, hope you enjoy your Woot! badge and your seeds.
Also, TraderTinka is off scrounging on other islands. He'll be back soon.
Tinker on!

Hey guys! Theres some awesome new nominations here!

Woot! Theres the TinkaTron by Creator(The maker of the CreatorCopter), a Rocketship Bed by lalaran, a Tasket by iswim, a TinkaLounge by Coconut(Maker of the CocoChair and CocoBunkBed), a Wardarobe by abmenzel, and a Brochure table by agg14.

My favorite has got to be the Tinkatron, but all of them are very good and creative! Whats your favorite?

Tinker on!

Hey Tinka's!
Today I logged on Tinkatolli, and I saw a new tinka with the staff icon!
It's Kenni!!
He is a student and is studying e-concept development and he will be helping out with a lot of things! -Tinkatolli Tricks
Woot! Just beat Kenni at foosball. He's WAY better than me, but he's a sucker for trash talk! I'll be laughing for the rest of the day -Kevin (Kevinmclean)
Seems like a good person :)) I hope he is xD
Look what I got him to say:
Haha! Cool right?
Can't wait to see you again, Kenni!
Today the Staff has picked another lucky pad to be the Tinkapad of the week (TOTW). This week, the pad belongs to Magical!

Take a look at the interior, the best interior I have ever seen! It looks very real.

Very nice exterior too...even I swear it looks like an interior!
I love this pad. The most impressive so far!
(Credit to tinkatollitricks for pics until I get other pics xD)
Today, the Tinkatolli Staff relased a new Tinkazette Edition showing us that the New Tinkapad of the Week Belongs this week to Magical!

Trader Is Aslo ONLINE at TinkerTown! Here's what he looks for:

The Champagne Bottletop is at Canopia, as the red petal and the orange oak leaf is! The Egg carton box is at junkatolli
And the paper pin is at Junkatolli

Don't forget that at 10 trades with the trader you get the Trader X badge!

Aslo, The Vilius craft is available for us to build in Mechanicals Workshop!

Do you like it?

Hey guys! I have to give credit to my friend Sweetflame12 for informing me that these items were in the tinkopedia!

I counted(with the help of Sweetflame) what you need for these items:

Lokichair: 4 Matches, 1 Goats cheese container, and 4 Toothpicks

MagicalSwing: 9 or more Paperclips, 6 Popsicle sticks, and 2 Yellow wires

Minichair: 1 Raisin box, 1 TP roll/Coffee lid/Cardboard scrap, and 1 Cotten bud

Woot! I have enough stuff to get all these items! I can't wait for them to be released!

Tinker on!

Today, the Tinkatolli Staff relased a new Tinkazette Edition showing us that the Trader is offline. He will be back soon to help us get the Trader X badge and Trader Tiro for whose who missed some traders!

Have you got the Trader Tiro badge? If so, do you want to earn the Trader X badge? You need 10 trades with the trader to get it!


Hey tinkas! I know I could've posted this eariler, but I didn't.

In the Tinkopedia, I found some awesome new items!

1. Gold Watch

Can't figure out what it says? Its Latin, and it says....

ed more and more. You live here, or here or here, from the free price. Write a review.

Strangeeeee. I wonder how we can get this!

2. Purple balloon

Most likely a trader item, since, the other three balloons were trader items.

3 and 4. Pegs

Possible trader items.

5. Egg carton

Possible trader item, it might be used for a makeable in the future.

6 and 7. Bread ties

Probably trader items since the yellow one was.

8. Film container

Will be used for one or two drums.

Woot! I cant wait to collect these items!

Tinker on!

Today, the Tinkatolli Staff relased a new Tinkazette Edition showing us that there is a new batch of nominations in Tinkafair! Be sure to vote your favorite.

Aslo, TinkaTrader is online at Canopia  ! Here's what hes searching for:

The Markers Pouch is at Junkatolli and the Pasta Box is at Canopia cavern!

Woot! If you have 5 traders, you can get the Trader Tiro badge, and level up until level 4! You get some extra features for the TinkaMaker :)

As you maybe read in the latest posts, Tinkatolli will be open for everyone to play! Check out Pennie's post:

Many of our keen-eyed TinkaTesters have noticed some fine-print on Tinkatolli’s newly designed site, indicating that Open Beta, memberships and all, will launch in September.
Tinkatolli Mainland
Although we are not announcing the exact date just yet, we would like to confirm that it will indeed be sometime in September. Exciting!

I can't wait! I'm tottaly buying membership to have access to everything in Tinkatolli! What about you?
Recently the staff posted in tinkabouit that TOTD and TOTW will not be anymore picken by the staff, following in future we will vote who deserves it. Check out their post:

As you may have seen from the release of our brand new site, many things are getting added, re-arranged and changed with the lead-up to launch.
Two of these things are “Tinka of the Day” (TOTD) and “Tinka of the Week” (TOTW) which, as of today, will no longer be announced by staff.
Sometime in the future, we will move these two into the game and let Tinkas in Tinkertown vote on who should win TOTD and TOTW, with winners receiving a badge for their awesome efforts.

What do you think about this update? I think it's great for people who wins TOTD and/or TOTW to get badges.

Hey Tinksters!
There's a new Tinkazette out :)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Congratulations to Orangynose for winning the super-rare Woot! badge.
Woot Wednesday is upon us, and it is time to give a big Tinka Woot! to Orangynose who has drawn this super cool picture of ''Funny Habit'' one of his Tinkas. Printing it out to hang up on our HQ pinboard as we speak. Woot!
Keep Tinkering!

Today, the Tinkatolli Staff relased a new Tinkazette Edition showing us that Stef 20 won this week's TinkaPad of the week contest.

The Trader Tinka is aslo ONLINE at Sundunia. That means he will help us to get us a step closer to the Tiro Badge, avaiable for us to get to level four!

Here's what he is looking for:

The table and the piece of rock can be found both at stinkatolli, the cotton ball at Sundunia and Junkatolli and the Balloon can be found behind the building at Sundunia!


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