Today, the TraderTinka has came online on TinkaTolli at TinkerTown to offer one Brown Cap and 5 Planks for five things you gotta find!
He needs:
  • 1 Red Umbrella (Avaiable to build in Furniture Workshop)
  • 15 White Flowers (Canopia)
  • 1 Werid Thing (JunkaTolli)
  • 1 Candy Wrapper (Kelp Key or/and MudPatch)
  • 1 TV Screen (Canopia Cavern or/and Stinkatolli)
He will aslo give you 100 Seeds and 50 TinkaPoints for helping him! Don't forget this is the second trade after the Tiro Trader Badge has been relased. If you completed the last Trade, your just 3 Trades away to get the badge which can help you get the level 4. I can't wait!


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