Recently the staff posted in tinkabouit that TOTD and TOTW will not be anymore picken by the staff, following in future we will vote who deserves it. Check out their post:

As you may have seen from the release of our brand new site, many things are getting added, re-arranged and changed with the lead-up to launch.
Two of these things are “Tinka of the Day” (TOTD) and “Tinka of the Week” (TOTW) which, as of today, will no longer be announced by staff.
Sometime in the future, we will move these two into the game and let Tinkas in Tinkertown vote on who should win TOTD and TOTW, with winners receiving a badge for their awesome efforts.

What do you think about this update? I think it's great for people who wins TOTD and/or TOTW to get badges.



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