Hey guys! This is Dukster posting, and I hope that Gelu and Cheweh edit this post when they are on so they can say something of their own to kevin, because I don't want to speak for them.
Dukster: Kevin, first off Happy Birthday. I hope I don't make this into a speech, because I don't want to take time off of your work :P . Thank you kevin for making a awesome game. I have soo much fun and I think its great. You make us smile, you make us laugh, you even make us hold our breath. We like it when you come, and see you turn pink. You make us all laugh till we fall off our feet. You have a great game, you do what you do best, and I think you did great. I hope you enjoy your birthday, and have many more. You are the one, the only, Tinkinja. HAPPY BITHDAY! ============================================================================================= ★✩✮✯★✩✮✯★✩✮✯★✩✮✯★✩✮✯★✩✮✯★✩✮✯★✩✮✯★✩✮✯★✩✮✯★✩✮✯★✩✮✯★✩✮✯ ============================================================================================= Gelu:HAPPY Birthday Kevin!! I hope you enjoy this day a lot playing with you children and having fun with your family, Thanks for what have you done in Tinkatolli - Its an amazing virtual world and I never couldnt leave this game because is soo awesome! I hope you get everything you wish <3. Happy Birthday! ============================================================================================= ★✩✮✯★✩✮✯★✩✮✯★✩✮✯★✩✮✯★✩✮✯★✩✮✯★✩✮✯★✩✮✯★✩✮✯★✩✮✯★✩✮✯★✩✮✯ ============================================================================================= Cheweh: Happy Birthday from Poland!! I'm sure, that your birthday was awesome!! You've made this game really cool, not so much 'buggy', and.. Im running out of words to say, so.. I'm just gonna tell you, that this morning I went to the balcony and said: KEVIN!!!!!! and TINKATOLLI!!!!! (it's a good thing that this hotel is next to woods not city) :) yea.. it was so awesome to do that ;D
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEVIN!!! ============================================================================================= ★✩✮✯★✩✮✯★✩✮✯★✩✮✯★✩✮✯★✩✮✯★✩✮✯★✩✮✯★✩✮✯★✩✮✯★✩✮✯★✩✮✯★✩✮✯ =============================================================================================
Tinker on and have a very good birthday kevin! -TinkaTolliTips Team

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  1. HAHA! Your poem is AWESOME! And your kind words make me blush :)
    Thank you so much. You have already made my birthday very happy!

    See you on Tinkatolli!

    Kevin (and Tinkinja)


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