Happy Easter Tinkas! Here we are, Posting the Egg Hunt winners! We have only 3 winners - Two Beta Tester, one a Normal Tinka. First of all, I want to say CONGRATULATIONS to Sunshine98, she won the Tinka Of The Week even she our Contest! So the winners are:

Tinka Winners

SunShine98 (Tinka Of The Week) - You won on Tinka Of The Week but you still win: Two of the Super-Rare Easter Eggs, a Makeable, Buddy Add by Me, Gelu and the 1st Place Egg Hunt Trophy made by me!

Heartluvz - A new Tinka ready to Test our World. You won a Ticket to beta Testing for YOU and A FRIEND, Two Easter Eggs, a Makeable, Buddy Add by Me, and the 2nd Place Egg Hunt Trophy made by me!

Beta Testers

Ggutev - One of our great Beta Testers won: Two Makeables, Ten Organics and 15 Junk and a 1st Place Egg Hunt Trophy Made by Me!

Congratulations everyone! 
Winners, Please Comment HERE your email so I can send you the Prizes.

-Gelu and Cheweh

PS. We are sorry for our new Guide Pages. We have few tehnical problems with the pages. We hope it should be fixed soon :-)

PSS. The word was WAFFLE xD

Hello Tinksters! Do you like TTTips Egg hunt? Have you found out the word?, cuz Gelu is posting the winners really soon. I think.. Btw, How is the Egg hunt in Tinkatolli? I really like it, in fact, I've found all of the eggs that have been hidden. And they look ahmazing! Here are todays hidden eggs:
http://www.tinkatolli.me/blog/wp-content/uploads/day3.jpg The lightning one is in a great place ;)
How much eggs have you found? Them all? Almost all? Tell us! Bye bye,
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The Egg looks different this time! You need to find only the Letter. The First egg hasn't been removed, BTW ;) The egg is closer than you might think. Chick ;D


Tinkatolli has their OWN Egg hunt for Beta Testers! Every day, The TinkaTesters will have to find these eggs hidded around TinkaTolli, Cool Right?

Amazing! When there are new eggs, you get this message when you refresh:

Good Luck!
Hello everyone! Easter is coming in few days, so I was thinking about an Egg Hunt in our blog. What do you think? Here is how it works:

  • Each day, during 6 Days, An Easter Egg will be hidded in this blog. The Egg will have a letter ''IN'' it but you will have to find out how to open it ;) 

  • The letters you have found, makes up a Word that you need to find out when all the Eggs will be hidded!
  • If you have missed one, you CANT ask anyone. But you still can win anything if you can make up the word, everyone has a chance!
  • There will be 6 Winners. 3 Will be for people who isn't Beta Tester and 3 People for who is Beta Tester.

Beta Testers

If you are Beta Tester, you can win:

1st Place - 5 Makeables + 1 Easter Egg 
2nd Place - 20 Junks (Except TinkaTrader's Ones)  +1 Easter Egg
3rd Place - 30 Organics + Easter Egg
Everyone gets their Tinka In The Winners Post!

Not a Beta Tester

If you aren't a Beta Tester, you can win:

1st Place - Invite to Beta Testing! + Easter Egg Hunt Trophy (1st Place) + 1 Easter Egg
2nd Place - Invite to Beta Testing! + Easter Egg Hunt Trophy (2nd Place) + 1 Easter Egg
3rd Place - A Special Picture made for you! + Easter Egg Hunt Trophy (3rd Place) + 1 Easter Egg

And for everyone who enters, a Special Egg Trophy because you have entered in this Contest - Woot!

I and Cheweh will post every day when the Egg is Hidded! Don't worry, the egg will still be hidded 24 hours since the post has been made.

Wait for the ''GO!'' of today Tinkas!

-Gelu and Cheweh
Hey everyone. We are sorry for not posting recently but we have been working in a new design. All the week, we will have 5 updates each in this blog! And I will post them every day. Today we have FaceBook Fan Page, Official Twitter and 3 Guides! Aslo, the preparations for Egg Hunt are coming Tomorrow. More Information will be posted tomorrow :)

Are you excited? I am!


UPDATE: We have few Tehnical Problems, so untill tomorrow the updates wont be ready. We are sorry!