Hey Everyone! I saw your votes on the latest poll in our blog. Thank you everyone who voted!

There are new polls. Vote there too!

In other news...

Our blog has reached 2,000 Hits today! We want to thank-you everyone for picking our site. We have a little sneak peek for you:

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Anyone knows about what it is about? :)
Hey Everyone! As a new amazing week started, we have a new TinkaPad of the Week. And Guess what? This week's Pad is... Gelu's one!

Check out it:

As you can see, I have been colected all the eggs from this year's Egg Hunt. Because of this, I've got a Eggsplorer' 2011 Badge. Check it out!

Here's the Exterior too:

I've been awarded with 150 Seeds and the super-cool TinkaPad of the Week Badge - Thank you so much!

Congratulations to Flintzy, whose “FlinTV” has just been built into Tinkatolli! Flintzy's TV was nominated in the TinkaFair with five other Makeables, and won the Tinka’s votes to be our new Makeable. Amazing!

TinkaTesters are now on the hunt for all the items needed to build this: a toilet paper roll, Ludo piece, black, brown and white shirt button, big black button, 2 red wires, 2 black wires, circuit board, LCD screen and a new big brown matchbox.
 When you've got all of these, go to Mechanical Shop in JunkaTolli to build this!

Flintzy got this awesome Builder Badge too for all her amazing work. Check it out!

Pennie said The HQ will be nominating a new batch of Makeables in the TinkaFair soon. I can't wait!

Hey Everyone! Right now, the most exciting version finally came! With lots of amazing things, updates, features and bugs fixing, here it's what this version has for YOU - The BetaTesters!

  • New Status Design

The Status has a new design - Its the best I ever seen! Now, the level up system has changed - Now, to level up you'll need to earn...
  • Badges!
Badges are a new exciting feature in TinkaTolli. You can earn them by doing somenthing like building a makeable, exploring new areas and even earn blings!
Here is my first badge I earned by going in the Canopia Cavern:

There are EVEN more and I can't wait to get started to get more when I finish telling you the updates! The Staff has lots of more cool ideas for badges so more are coming in the future.

Talking about staff... They has new updates.

  • Staff Special Colored Chat Bubble
The staff has a new Colored Chat Bubble - Red one! It looks very cool and matches with all the moderators.

  • New Playercard Design
The Playercard has aslo a new look. Sample buttons - lots of cool information!

You can see some updates, huh? Invite me to your pad it's coming soon! And now, you can see how many days you have tinkering around - Cool! Staff has a special button saying ''Staff''.

We have aslo a new

  • Scrapbook Cover Picture

Lastly, we have a message from our amazing Kevin:

As you may have noticed, there haven't been new kids coming to Tinkatolli for a long time. About 7 weeks ago, we decided to stop inviting new players, so that we could make some pretty big changes. Today we are putting one of the final important new features in place. There is only one more feature to add before we starting inviting tons of new players in! 
Today, we are introducing Tinkatolli's new leveling up system. When you login, you'll notice that your status has changed. You no longer level up by filling your online and offline status - you level up by collecting badges. 

About badges.You can earn badges for all kinds of things - filling your status, getting something built in Tinkatolli, earning new bling skills, discovering secret rooms and on and on and on... We have a ton of really cool ideas for badges and can't wait to get them in the world. An overview of badges (and collectables) will be coming soon.

About levels.Each level will require different types of badges and sometimes more than one of the same badge. You can see what you need to get to the next level in the bottom of your status panel. Some levels will be easy, and others will be really, really hard. 

About rewards.The rewards for levelup will be changing too - a reward could be a new tinka, it could unlock new Tinka features, or give you a new room in your house. 
What's your status now?

We are going to pretend that all of you are brand new players (you'll get to keep what you have though). From now on, all new players will start at Level 1. They will also start with a one room house. The reward for getting to Level 2 will be a second room to your house. At the moment, you can not get the Sea Glass Hunter badge needed to get to Level 2. But when that is ready, we are going to close off the second room of your house (so we can test if leveling up actually opens the room again :-) ) One day soon, you will login and discover that the small room in your house is closed off. You'll get a message with some instructions, that will tell you how to get the Sea Glass Hunter badge. 

You may already have earned badges 
If you have done any of the following, you will already have a badge or badges (if they arent there by the weekend, let us know)
- earned dancing or jumping skills- found all 14 hidden eggs

- had your house selected as Tinka pad of the week

- had 5 or more things accepted in the Tinkafair - had one of your makeabled built into Tinkatolli- collected over 10,000 blings

What you need to know- in order for all of your tinkas to show up in your status, you will need select each one, and walk around with it for a few seconds. if they don't appear in your status right away, don't panic - they will (and they will faster if you empty your cache)- as usual there are probably new bugs (but I've fixed some too - so Gelu can take "sticking on the wall in Canopia Cavern" off his list :) )
Beta 0.095 can be found at the regular tinkatolli.me/play link or you can go here to make sure you get it:

Well, Now I'm going to earn some badges - Happy Tinkering!

Hey Everyone! TinkaTolliTips, our site, has a new Design version. Sample, but helpfull. Here are the new things we've added:

  • Guides
  • Graphics
  • New TWITTER Widget for TinkaTolli and Gelu
  • New TWEET button for every guide
  • Blog Banner + Grab Code for your Blog
  • BlogRoll
  • Contact for Help
  • TinkAbout it Blog Banner
  • Tinka Of The week
  • Tinka Of The Day
  • New Tempalte
  • ''Followers'' Widget is Back! 
We hope you all like them. More stuff, coming in the next Design Version - v0.06.

Have fun,