Hello Tinksters, There are more new Kid-made furniture items in Tinkatolli:

Tinkatolli Makeable: OrangenoseTable

The very practical OrangynoseTable, Tinkas really needed a nice large table, and it was great that Orangynose designed one!

Tinkatolli Makeable: CocoBunkBed

The gorgeous CocoBunkBed, all set for sleep overs or a new room mate.

Tinkatolli Makeables: FishyLamp

The FishyLamp – Great work Fishy, now we can get some cosy light into the Tinka’s houses.

Tinkatolli Makeables: AidenDresser

With the AidenDresser, Tinkas finally have somewhere to stuff things into when they clean up. Good thinking Aiden.

Have fun!

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