Hey Tinkas!
Recently, Søren Larsen Pedersen (known as slpe in Tinkatolli) has launched the very first Tinkatolli phone App (application). The application its named ScrapApp, and its have been made for iOS devices, iPhone and iPad touch devices, but it also can be used with android phones or even for web pages in computer. The ScrapApp has been made for posting stuff in the games' scrapbook. You can choose one of the four sections to post in your scrapbook, without logging in Tinkatolli. You can use this app from your phone or from your computer, by going to this web page: http://tinkatolli.me/mobile , and inserting the information you are asked for. After you wrote your activity in your scrapbook you get TinkaPoints for the activities you posted Into your scrapbook. Your account information will NOT be stored anywhere, and this will not change anything from your account, as its created by a Tinkatolli moderator. Here are some pictures of the ScrapApp application.
EDIT: Its me Cheweh, I added some pictures taken from my iPod :)


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