Welcome to Tinkatolli new tinkas! Tinkatolli can be very confusing when you first log on. I made this to help you understand it better.

What are all these buttons for?
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This is what the buttons are from 1-23:
1.) Level Button- This shows what level your on
2.) Tinkapoints- This shows how much tinkapoints(EXP) you have
3.) Energy- This shows how much energy you have, if you are low, eat some blueberries!
4.) Seeds- One of the types of currency. You can use these to buy Unusuals at the Unusuals Outlet, or just to dig up some junk.
5.) Trinkets- The other type of currencey. You can use these to buy makeables at the workshops, or buy seeds at the Seed Swap.
6.) Tinkazette- See the latest news of Tinkatolli
7.) Time- Hover your mouse over it to show Tinkatolli time.
8.) Logout/Settings- The red button is the logout button. The gear is the setting button, which shows you tips, and you can turn the sound off.
9.) Inviter Panel- Invite tinkas using your own invite code!
10.) Friend List- Shows a list of your friends.
11.) Room- Shows the room name
12.) Blings- Shows how many blings you have, and how many are in a room.
13.) Profile- Shows what all your tinka did.
14.) Quest- When you have a quest, there is a scroll here
15.) BRB- This is the BE Right Back button. If you are gone for too long, it automatically does it for you.
16.) Log- This is the chat log, if tinkas talk too fast, click this to see what they say.
17.) Chat- Click this and type to chat, press Enter or the button to the right of it to say it.
18.) Smileys- Show tinkas how your feeling using a smiley.
19.) Dance- Find your dances that you earned with blings here.
20.) Backpack- Take a look at your backpack.
21.) Map- Click here to go almost anywhere!
22.) Magnifying Glass- Click this to zoom out of a location to big to see everything. You need 50 blings for this.
23.) Mover- Click this to do the online mover and get online mover points. 
How do I get money?

Truth is, Tinkatolli doesn't have "money". Instead, Tinkatolli uses Seeds and Tinkapoints.

Seeds: Tinkas use seeds to pick up junk from the landscapes. You can also use seeds and trade them in for Unusuals at the Unusuals Outlet. You can get seeds from TinkaTrader, games, or winning a contest(like Tinkapad of the week, Woot Wednesday). Click here to learn more

Trinkets: Trinkets are the newest currency of Tinkatolli. You can use Trinkets to buy seeds, buy makeables, and much more! Here is a picture of how to earn Trinkets

How do I Level up?

Leveling up is fun AND rewarding!

There are currently 50 levels:1-50. When you go up a level you earn Trinkets! You can level up by doing ANYTHING! Click the level ribbon at the top left hand side to see how many Tinkapoints you need to the next level.

How do I trade?

Trading is only one of the awesome features of Tinkatolli! You can get awesome items, or seeds!

There are currently 3 traders on the island: TinkaTrader(Bumbleunder), Unusuals trader(Unusuals Outlet), and DirtyDozen(Dirty Dozen Trader). Here is what you might want to know about them:

Dirty Dozen: Dirty Dozen is a trader that likes things in dozens. When you have 12 of a junk item, put it in the drop slot. You can either get the amount of seeds that he gives you, or you can take a chance. Taking a chance means you could get a rare item, more seeds than what you would get, or less seeds than you would get. You can find him in his shop at Junkatolli.

Unusuals Outlet: The unusuals outlet is where new and old unusuals can be found. He wants a certain amount of seeds and in return he will give you a rare unusual. He switches items every 2 weeks, so hurry and grab the unusuals before they are gone! He can be found in his shop at Tinkertown.

Bumbleunder: This tinka is also known as TinkaTrader, since he trades every few days. He goes to never before seen islands and gets items and brings them back in his cart, he asks for items, and if you give them to him, he will give you items, seeds, and tinkapoints in return.

How can I get my item to be in the game?

This is a bit hard to do, because a lot of people want their makeable in the game.
If you want your makeable in the game for everyone to make, then you will have to do a few steps.

1. Think of something to make. It can be anything, a tub, a couch, a table, a bed, whatever you want!

2. Make it! Find some junk and make what you want out of it.

3. Take a picture! Once you take a picture then you can submit it!

4. Upload it to your computer! Then add it to your scrapbook to get tinkapoints! Non-members can submit only a few entries per month, but members can enter as many as they want!

5. Put it in the TinkaFair! Then people can "Like" it and give you tinkapoints! If the staff like it, then they will put it in nominations.

If your makeable gets put into the nominations, that mean the staff liked it. There is also makeable competitions from time to time. If you win, then Luke(Tinkatolli's artist) will draw it for online, then you can  make it with the right junk! You can find the makeables at the Furniture Shop in Tinkertown and the Mechanical Shop at Junkatolli.

What are blings?
This question is asked by many new tinkas, since they don't know how to earn blings. To get blings, check the ground for any of those little bubbles and walk over them. If you clear a whole room of blings you will get a seed reward! The more blings you earn, the more rewards you get. If you become a member, you can find more blings! Click here to learn more about blings


Woot Wednesdays

About - Woot Wednesday its a Tinkatolli art contest. Every Wednesday, the staff picks an art piece from the TinkaFair. The winner gets the rare Woot! Badge and 1000 Seeds.
How to enter - After you have finished your drawing in real life, Submit your masterpiece at the TinkaFair, using the Maker section from your scrapbook. The drawing must be Tinkatolli related. Then, you just have to wait few weeks to see if your drawing have won, by checking every Wednesday the Tinkazette! You may enter with how many drawings you wish!
Winners - You can check the past winners by clicking here.

TinkaPad of the week
About - TinkaPad of the week its the very first Tinkatolli contest. It has been made to award the best TinkaPad every week. One winner its picked every week, and them will get the TinkaPad OTW (of the week) badge and 1000 seeds.
How to enter - Decorate the interior and the exterior of your pad, take a screenshoot of it then send an email to hello@tinkatolli and ask them to check your pad!
Winners - You can check the past winners by clicking here.

Get your makeable built into Tinkatolli/TinkaFair Nominations
About - Your real life makeable can get life into the game. You get it built into Tinkatolli and a rare badge for your status
How to enter - Build a makeable in real life. Take a photo of it, then submit it using your scrapbook. Your makeable might be picked to be part of one of Tinkafair's nominations. If you are lucky, ask your friends to vote your makeable! The makeable with the most votes gets their makeable built into Tinkatolli!
Makeables built into Tinkatolli - To see the latest kid creations, click here.

Sweet 16
About- Sweet 16 is where the top 16 tinkas with the highest amount of votes get this badge. Every week winners are announced.
How to enter- Make a tinka in the Tinkamaker located in Tinkertown!
Winners- Winners are posted on the blog every week

Membership & Members
About - Members are tinkas with special extra features, gotten by paying *real money or getting a coupon
Extra Features:
More tinkas
Access to all rooms
Double blings to a room
Access to rare junk
No limit for scrapbook activities!
Submit things to TinkaFair
Access to exclusive members only hunts!
600 Trinkets per month
Buy your membership plan NOW by clicking here!

The staff
About - The Staff are the creators of Tinkatolli. You can read more about them here.
Special features:
Yellow Chat
Staff icon on playercard
Staff badge on playercard.
Banning people
Giving seeds/tinkapoints/badges to a player
Restarting/modifying status of the tinka
Change/add rooms
Change game versions
Call the trader
Secret powers... ???
- Tinkatolli was named "wilinilli"
- The bag shop was open in early private beta testing for the new tinkas, but it was closed because of the confusion of the tinkas.
- In the early private beta testing there was one more online status named "play"
- The first moderator chat colors were green and red.
- The blueberry hill might be a volcano because of it's replacement with the blueberry hill on the old map
- Slpe and Kenni were supposed to be moderators, instead they are staff members even if they are not in the "Meet Us" page.
- The brown Tinka "mascot" its named Bucky.
- When the blueberry hill totem was spotted, its "mouth" was open, now its closed.
- In the Kickstarter desktop wallpaper there's a waterfall between Canopia and Tinkertown.


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