Hey Tinkas!
TinkaTolli send a message to the bloggers, about doing a giveaway and gave us a beta invite as a prize! Our mission is all of us to make different contests for everyone to enter :)
For our contest you need to: DRAW A TINKA!

Hmm... Pwetti Ticket : o!
Yup! Easy than eating a berry :D You can draw even a Tinkatolli room! Who knows, Your ideea might be one day even in Tinkatolli site! You can draw even you Tinka Model,Just be creative ;)
Post a comment On this post with your:

Email that you used for Tinkatolli:
Your link of your drawing:

You have time untill 30th of January So you can start drawing right NOW! You can enter with maximum TWO drawings. Good Luck to Everyone ;)

~Bananah (Gelu)


  1. Hi Gelu :)
    My name is Toodles and I'm from Tinkatolli!

    Here's my entry.
    Drawing really isn't my strong point o.e



  2. Heyyy gelu!

    Tinka name: Special
    Entery: http://i53.tinypic.com/2cddhqh.png
    email: coolcrisp@yahoo.co.uk

    I got a tinka blog now: tinkatollii.tk

  3. Hey! My Tinkatolli account is UKLover10. Here's my drawing:


  4. Hey there! My Tinka name is Jazmin, I've decided to draw my Tinka as an anthro, lawlz.

    Email ; blowzylolwut@hotmail.com
    Entry ; http://i56.tinypic.com/8wfxxu.png

  5. Hey Bananahhh :D

    NAME: Chew
    EMAIL: the.cheweh@gmail.com
    ENTRY: http://i51.tinypic.com/jrzp1e.png

    I hope I get to be a Tinkatester :))

  6. Hey!

    Name - Hisup
    Email - majahisup@yahoo.ie
    Entry - http://i51.tinypic.com/1h8pj9.jpg

    Hope I do well!!