Hey Tinkas. The Third contest has been started! Win a TinkaTolli membership by anwsering 4 Questions. 1 Question will be posted here everyday, until Christmas Eve!
Christmas is coming to Tinkatolli

Question #1 - Which was the first MECHANICAL makeable made ever in TinkaTolli by Kids?

Question #2 - Which contest gives you the ''Woot! Staff Pick'' badge?

Question #3 - How many Staff members are there? (You don't have to name them)

Question #4 - Who won the first ''Woot Wednesday'' contest?

Comment your anwser and your Tinka Username here, at the comments, or email us at Tinkatollitips@gmail.com

Good Luck!!


  1. CONTEST 3 - Questions
    Tinka Name: Sandano

    1. KiaraBot
    2. Woot Wednesday
    3. 5
    4. Magical

  2. Answer for Question #1: KiaraBot
    Answer for Question #2: The Woot! Wednesday Contest
    Answer for Question #3: Four
    Answer for Question #4: Magical
    Tinka Username: Stef 20

  3. Tinka username Mikep01

    2.Wood Wednesday contest!
    4.Magical won


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