Message from HQ:

Since we launched open beta we have heard from many players that Tinkatolli is simply too complicated. We have been working hard for the last year trying to simplify the game. This has helped some, but not nearly enough. Far too many new players are giving up before they even get started.
We realized we have been doing it wrong – we have basically been repackaging the same stuff in a new way. In order to do it right we need to make some major changes. We need to get back to the core of why we wanted to build Tinkatolli – to enable kids to be creative in a way that is incredibly fun and rewarding.
So starting today, we are going to simplify and get back to the core. We are going to be removing things from the game. Some things will be going away forever. Some things will be going away for a while and coming back in a simplified and sometimes entirely different way. We will also be adding many exciting new things – that put the focus on creativity. But first we will simplify.
For our dedicated players who have been with us all along, we hope you have patience and can help us recreate a game that is easy for everyone to love. And for our new and future players we hope that we end up with something that is much less overwhelming and much easier to love.
See you on Tinkatolli!

That's a great idea! Check our blog for the latest changes.


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