Hey tinkas,

Today Tinkatolli have emailed all email subscribers a brand new newsletter. This newsletter is about the new glasses and accessories!

Tinkas get their hats back - and a whole selection of glasses and shades!


Tinkas look awesome ever since the Clothing Shop opened just a short while ago!

Now the shop is fully stocked with hats - new and old - and a whole range of glasses! 

We have everything from nerdy broken ones to superfly-super-dark-oversized-sunglasses! Get yourself to Canopia and take a peek in the shop!

Glasses can also be customized! Scrunch, stretch, twist and nudge them until you find your perfect fit! 
Get some Clothes!

Members get EVEN MORE Trinkets!


When you become a member you'll get a BUNCH MORE Trinkets - right way! No more having to wait for your allowance!

You MAY spend them all in one place;)
Become a Member!

Did you already download the TinkaMaker app? Please tell a friend:)

Just forward this email to a friend and make sure to mention the App at the bottom of it.

Click the button below - and you'll be able to giggle about the silly creatures you make- together! That's even MORE fun;)

Tinker on!

Luke, Kevin & Konrad
Tinkatolli HQ 

This newsletter also tells us about the Tinkamaker app and membership updates. Did you find this newsletter interesting?


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