Badges are awarded by doing online and offline things, winning contests and more! There are always new badges awaiting for you to collect.

Hover your mouse over the badge to see how to earn it!

Login Badges
 Reward: 100 TP       

Trader Badges & Ribbons

Blings & Skills Badges


Seeds Badges

Dirty Dozen Trader Badges

Unusuals Outlet Badges

Onliner & Offliner Badges



TinkaFair Badges

Friendship & Inviter Badges

''The Basics'' Badges

Quests Badges

Contests Badges

Collector Badges

Blueberry Collector Badges

Hunt Badges

Room Visiting Badges

Special Badges

Kickstarter Badges

- A Tinka can see ONLY the badges that can be earned right now and the earned badges on it's status!
- Learn how you can earn a badge by clicking it on a status panel!
- You can download a list of every badge so you don't need to go online!


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