Around Tinkatolli, you can find games for earning seeds! Every game is better or less in giving seed, that's why here you'll find a seed rate under every game. Have fun playing!

Dune Dunes

How to play: To finish the game, you will need to control your Tinka on the surf board using the arrows from your keyboard to get all the shells you are asked to get!
Location: Blueberry Hill
Commands (using keyboard keys):
^ - Jump
< - Move right > - Move left
~ Seed Rate: ***
~ Tips: At the beginning of each round and you lost some lives, TRY to hit the gray plates to get your lives back.


How to play: Get the shells and rocks to reach the goal, before the time expires!
Location: Sundunia
Commands: Click on the mouse to get shells and rocks.
Seed Rate: ****
Tips: Not much tips here, but if you collect ALL the shells, you will get 1000 more points than what is needed (not including rocks)

Mandala Maker

How to play: Draw something anywhere, and will appear it on all the parts!
Location: Sundunia
Commands: Keep pressed the mouse to draw
Seed Rate: ΓΈ (Gives MAKER status points)
~ Tips: No tips here...

Memory Game

How to play: Find the figures under the cards! Avoid this guy if you don't want to end the game!

Location: Tinkertown Heights
Commands: Use the mouse to turn the game cards.
Seed Rate: ***** (OUR RECOMMENDATION!) You also can get ONLINE THINKER POINTS by playing this game.
~ Bonus Tip: If you turn the game cards and make matches with the same picture, you'll get more points and more seeds! Robot pictures gives you the most points.

Add 'em 10

How to play: You will need to put 2 numbers to be near to make their result 10.
Location: Tinkertown
Commands: Move the mouse and click to throw the ball
Seed rate: **
~ Tips: Don't throw any balls away until the end, gather a big group of balls with the same number to get more points!

Algae Energy

How to play: Click on the balls similar at colors. It must be 3 or up so you can get them.
Location: Upper Canopia
Commands: Click to get the balls with the same color.
Seed rate: ***
~ Tips: Try to keep one color and get a big group for a yellow thing for more points!

How to play: Choose the correct result of the equation!
Location: Junkatolli
Commands: Click the correct result.
Seed rate: ****
~ Tips: What can I say? Try to get to x10 and wait a second before sending to get jumbo points.


How to play: Drop the blocks to make a HUGE building. Don't forget, you can fail only 3 times!.You can get bonus points if you perfectly drop the box.
Location: Junkatolli
Commands: Click to drop the box
Seed rate: ****
~ Tips: You only have 3 lives, so take your time!


How to play: Make matches of every color and get points!
Location: Junkatolli
Commands: Click to throw the colored ball
Seed rate: ****
~ Tips: Try to get as many points as you can!

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