The Tinkatolli team has relased the version 163 for the Beta Testers which has only bug fixes! Here's the updates (quote from kevin's Forum Post)

Mostly bug fixes:
- visitors to house no longer disappear when you decorate your pad
- your quest items do not appear in other users homes when you visit
- the correct number of rooms are displayed when you visit another player's house
- adjusted the scrolling on makeables in the workshops so it scrolls more than one position at a time
- fixed bug caused by zooming out while on boat in canopia
- removed fullscreen button from videos (this was causing problems for many users)
- disabled chat sounds for everything but emoticons when in emoticon only chat
- increased length of textfield for tinkaname in scrapbook
- members only sign for makeables is only displayed when you click on the lock
- prepared a bunch of code that will warn you when (edit: warn you when your session has timed out (this is what connexts you to the database). We will turn this code on next week, which should solve a lot of problems with players loosing data. It will also help us get to the bottom of why users' sessions are timing out)
- increased numer of characters allowed in username login field. 
- other stuff that I forgot :(

Woot! I'm glad that these bugs are fixed!



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