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This is my second Fun Friday. Click here to see last weeks. This week, I centered it on favorites.

Interview with Stef 20

What's your favorite trader and why?
Stef: I like the TinkaTrader the most because you can get ribbons and badges. It is also really fun to race to the trader! 
Me: Yea, me too!
What's your favorite mini-game?
Stef: Memory and BlockR, because they are both really fun, and in Memory you can earn a lot of seeds but it is still fun to play, and I like BlockR because I like strategy games.
Me: Woot!
What's your favorite kid-made makeable?
Stef: The TinkaCopter, because it is made very nicely and it is unique.
Me: True
What's your favorite room?
Stef: Tinkertown Rock, because it is quiet and natural because of all the rocks.
What's your favorite thing that the staff made for tinkatolli?
Stef: uhm... the badges, because I love earning them, and collecting blueberries and food!

Thanks for the interview Stef!

Fun Fact- Favorite game

Hey tinkas, with all the 3Up addiction around, I wanted to know what Tinkatolli's most popular game was. I found out it actually wasn't 3Up, it was Stax. Stax was in Test mode during TinkaTesting at Bluffs Base, then got moved to Canopia during Open Beta. I asked kevin if he had an old pic of Stax, and he got me something that I thought looked way different than today's Stax. The old Stax didn't have Boomer in it!

Rare item- Amberquito egg

The amberquito egg was from the first ever egg hunt. It was found in Canopia Cavern, which made it rare, because you had to have the boat. Now there are currently only 42 of these left in Tinkatolli. This could just be the rarest egg, ever. If you have one, be proud of it.

Comment if you want to be interviewed! Or comment a question for the Fun Fact or Rare item.

Until next week,


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