Hey tinkas,

Today I had a BLAST! My parties were great! Thanks to everyone who came!

It started out at 3 PM TT time when I gave away Vampire teeth to the tinka who could make a good fish!
Woot! Yes, you see a yellow chat! Kevin, konrad, and luke came! And I must thank them for that because it was great with them there! Anyways, after ghj won the Teeth! Then we went to my pad(Which luke said was too good to pass up for Tinkapad of the week) and took a pic of my interior!

Woot! Everyone seemed like the loved my pad! (Psst, look at the rubber duck. I think Luke is trying to sleep!)
Then it started to lag so we went to Blueberry Hill!
Picture from Tinkarobert

I gave away 2 Luke eggs here! We made orange tinkas that Luke may have made!
Then we moved to Tinkertown where I had a member contest for the BOTBOT! The members that entered were Sandano and Cheweh, and Cheweh won!
Then we had to end because trader came!

Now on the second party...

We started out at Sundunia, then we took a pic of my exterior and then we went to Junkatolli where I gave away the Shamrock pin!
Then we went to Upper Canopia where Yawn gave away some prizes to non-members while I gave away the Amberquito!
Then we went to Cafekitch and gaveaway a few items!
Then we went to BBH and did some unscrambles and trivia for more items!
Woot! Thanks for coming everybody!


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