Hey Tinkas!

TinkaTolli has updated the Status Panel with a brand new Design. Below, you can see all the updates:

Navbar Icon - The Profile and Scrapbook Icon has been changed.

New Features - On profile, you can now see FRIENDS, TINKAFAIR CREATIONS, and MY TINKAS. Along with a new Members only feature - Customize your status panel!

FRIENDS - You can see now a Tinka's buddy list on every playercard!

TINKAFAIR - You can see now a Tinka's TinkaFair creations list and like directly from here!

MY TINKAS - You can now see a list of the Tinkas which are shown in the Gallery.

The Badges page and the Backpack page has been also updated. They are loading faster!

TINKAPAD - You can now see better pictures of a tinka's Pad!

Playercard Update - On your own playercard the ''Change your Tinka button'' is back, on other's tinka playercard the picture of the tinka has been replaced with ''See Profile'' button

The Chat log has been updated with a transparent background instead of a Yellow background

I love these updates, specially the color the panel feature! What do you think about these updates?

1 comment:

  1. Woot the staff used my idea on changing the background of our profiles :D


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