Hey tinkas, Luke has released the 11nd Newsletter. You can read it below:

Tinkatolli Newsletter 11 | Share and connect with your friends!Having trouble reading this? View it in your browser
Tinkatolli Newsletter
Send messages to your friends - even when they're offline
Send a message to your friend - even if they aren't online - and keep in touch. They'll get your message the next time they play!
New Profile! Super-connected and customizable
See your friends' Tinkas, their Tinka Fair submissions, badges they've earned, their TinkaPad - AND check out their friend list!
Connect with even more creative kids!
Now your profile is tidier, fancier - and can be customized!
Check out all the available paper+book cover stylings! Make your profile your own.
The Tinka Fair - OPEN FOR ALL TO SEE!
Tinka Fair
Featured Tinka Fair submission
See your projects featured on the website! Browse the most creative projects. Show your friends and family what everyone on Tinkatolli is up to!

Now there are 2 categories to make the Fair, on the site, a bit easier to navigate:

In addition to MAKEABLES, we now have MAKE. This category contains projects that were previously found in "Craft" and "Art"

Submit something new today! 
Make it awesome and it could get featured!
Take a peek! https://www.tinkatolli.me/create/tinkafair
See you on the islands!
(AFTER you get outside and play in the sun, of course)
Tinkatolli HQ
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