As you may have seen on forums, during 3 days starting tomorrow there will be some events holded by some tinka-testers for everyone who logs on during the event. I, Gelu, I will hold two TinkaMaker contests in the TinkaMaker Building, located in TinkerTown!

Here are the Times:

Saturday - 10-11 PM - TinkaTolli Standard Time (You can check the TinkaHour in-game or checking the widget from sidebar here, on our blog)

Sunday - 10-11 PM - TinkaTolli Standard Time

This is how we are going to play:

Contest NO. 1 - I am going to say a name of a random tinka. (EG. BooGalloo), and everyone who is going to enter to this contest needs to make a Tinka which fits with the name. The most creative Tinkas are going to get 1,2 and 3 points!

Contest NO 2. - I am just going to pick a theme for the next Tinka. (EG. Make a Funny Tinka!), after I tell  the theme, you will just get to make a Tinka after that theme! Again, The most creative Tinkas are going to get 1,2 or 3 points!


Making a Tinka is easy! Just go to the event location (Tinkertown, TinkaMaker building) and there you will get to see a TinkaMaker (like that one from the site!). Just make it, Press ''Done'' and send your tinka to the gallery, using the name you want to name that Tinka!

After your tinka is sent to the gallery, we will see the Tinkas sent to the gallery right on the screen, with your TinkaTolli account name.

Rewards for Winners:

Rewards are coming very soon, check back here later to see the rewards.


  • 1. You can make only 1 Tinka per theme.
  • 2. You musn't copy people's Tinkas.
  • 3. Everyone got 3 Minutes to make their tinkas, after I say ''STOP!'' You will not be able to get any points.
  • 4. Do NOT use two accounts! That's called cheating. If you do it, you will be sent out of the game.
  • 5. If you leave in middle of the game, and never coming back, your points will be removed from the system and you cannot get them back until you will come back to play.

Well, that's all! I am waiting for you to come, and win some rewards!



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