Tinkatolli Updated the levels with some changes with the badges. Here are the badges you need now for the next levels. Soon, our level up page will be updated too.

Level 2- Jr. Builder, Jr Seeder, Online Mover, Flapper - Reward: 250 TinkaPoints

Level 3- Jr Scrapbooker, Sorter, Sea Glass Hunter, Woot Wiggle - Reward: More mouths for your tinka, Seeds and TinkaPoints

Level 4- Collector, Online Giver, Offline Mover, Cassi Flower - Reward: 300 TinkaPoints, 500 Seeds and shortcut Pad button for your playercard

Level 5- Jumper, Offline Giver, Online Maker, Asimov - Reward: TinkaPoints, seeds and more hairs

Level 6- Junior Trader, Offline Maker, Online Thinker, Shuffle Hustle


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