Hey tinkas! My party is official! I hope to see you there!

Here's the info:
Day: Saturday, October 29(Tomorrow)
Time: 10-11 PM TST
Where?: Stinkatoli, by the goo pit.

Be nice!
Have a good sportsmanship, otherwise I may disqualify you.

What I'm going to do:
I will have 3 main contest. Spook your tinka contest, Trick of Tink(Halloween edition), and a surprise final contest!
Spook your tinka:
I will have 5-9 rounds, whoever has the creepiest tinka gets 3 points, second gets 2 points, third gets 1 point. Whoever has the most at the end wins! There will be 3 winners.
Trick or Tink:
Just a Halloween themed quiz. You may use Google/Bing if you want to! Whoever gets most points at end wins. Three winners again.
Surprise contest:
Will be announced at the party. Three winners again.

The best part is.......
Winners get to pick their prize! One prize per person, per contest.

Hope to see you there! Or I will get my vampire friends to get you :P
No seriously :|



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