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Wayy back at the end of March, Tinkatolli updated Tinkertown! You could see the ocean! When I saw the ocean my first thought was, how? I have been thinking about that and today I had to figure it out. So when I went to Tinkertown, and looked at the map, I found out. The old Tinkertown was faced so the top was Tinkatolli island. But now that it is facing the ocean. I looked at the map and saw it. Tinkertown's view was just flipped around.
This is how we can see Tinkertown Rock at the top left of Tinkertown and see Tinkertown at the top left of Tinkertown Rock!

Then there's that other island on the right that I was wondering about. At first I thought Tinkertown was still faced to the island, so I figured with all the Upper rooms coming out this would be Upper Blueberry Hill. But when I found out it is turned the OTHER way, I thought about it. Then I went to Penguitts post about it from TinkatolliShack about this island. And towards the end of the post it said that he was told that it's not Junkey. So if it's not Junkey, and it's probably not Upper BBH, what is it? Then I found out. It's Capocana.
So, with a little help from robert97, we figured out that the other flower entrance in Cove Cave is probably Capocana instead of Junkey!

If there is something else that you would want to add to this post or have any questions or if you are confused, please comment and I'll answer!


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