Hey Tinkas,

You can find the Trader Tinka at Canopia, waiting for you to trade with him.
To see his deal, click the tinka above^.

 A pop-up window will show, with the items he wants and what he gives if you trade with him. You can hover the ''Show me what I'm missing'' button to see which collectable you have and which not!

 Here's today's deal:

Here, you can find the location of ALL the items the Bumbleunder wants. When you find a collectable, drag it to your bag like you do with junk!

ATTENTION: The locations are the same for everyone, but the position of the items may vary for every tinka. If you can't find any item(s) from these locations, go to a room and come back again because the possition might change.

White Floatsam (Canopia)

Grey Floatsam and Blue Floatsam (Upper Canopia)

Purple Floatsam (Tinkertown Heights)

Green Floatsam (Blueberry Hill)

After you got all the items, go back to the trader, click him and press the ''Click to Trade'' button! You will get the Items, Seeds, TinkaPoints and/or a Ribbon or Badge.

Every time you traded, a pop-up will show a counter of how many times you have traded. It also shows on your Profile!

What do you think of today's deal?


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