Hey tinkas I have decided to make new widgets, a new design (that needs to be kinda remade) and cool stuff with the stuff I have downloaded. Because when everything is going to be done, everything will be added/updated to the blog. Because I thought it would be a bad idea to close the site for 1-2 days to update the blog (we don't want problems while updating), tomorrow I am going to start adding things to the blog from the easiest things to the most complicated and major updates. With every update(s), a new version will be shown and posted! Updates will be uploaded until 24th June. After the updates are going to be uploaded to the blog, we are planning a party with unusuals, contests and even membership prizes! More info is coming soon. I am going to introduce my own weekly post activity - Gelu talks. "Gelu talks" will show the new updates and what's coming soon, but will also have fun things like interviews and contests. - Gelu


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