Hey there tinkas,

Now we all have been wondering why there is a robot named Asimov right? Well today I have been checking the official Tinkatolli twitter and noticed something wierd. I clicked on it and saw Creator was reading something and found a name, the name was Isaac Asimov. I searched a little deeper and found out why he is a robot.
Now, what's so robotic about this guy? Oh funny I used the word robotic, because he got credit for making up the word robotics. This may not be the reason that he is a robot though, because one of his book series involves robots!
Also, many people wonder where Cassi came from to get the Cassi Seed. Well thanks to Penguitt for helping me out on twitter, and one of the staff manning the Tinkatolli twitter at the time. We found out. It used to be Caasi, which Penguitt figured out that Caasi is Isaac backwards! 

Think about this the next time you visit Asimov......


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